Wherein USPS lies

Well isn’t this special. First off the parcel key wasn’t lost it wouldn’t work. The pickup only part irks me too. Every other service we use drops packages at our door this includes UPS aka Shit wrapped in Chiffon, FedEx, Amazon, Walmart. To get USPS to deliver to my door though, requires a doctor’s note. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. And I say to this day Bejamin Franklin the U.S. first postmaster is spinning in his grave at the mockery that USPS has become under the current asshat that is postmaster.

My most influential teacher

Who was your most influential teacher? Why?

Likely it was Brother Ralph Darmento. Had him for computer programming in high school, a catholic high school.

Two of us in the class had our own computers in had the TRS-80 model 1 level 2, and he had an OSI Challenger II. The TRS-80 was based on the Zilog Z80 cpu, the OSI machine was 6502 cpu based.

Brother Ralph used to call us Doctor and our last names. In fact it was Brother Ralph whom I taught you could create a BASIC program without separate lines. It could all be put on one continuous line with the : symbol to delineate different statements.

Is our it any wonder why i majored in information science and by profession I’m i.t. and information security or infoSec.

What do you wish you could do more every day

More hmm relax . But my relaxation is contigent on my not getting angry because when that happens i get really flippant. You’ve likely read of my battles with ups well sure they’re shit wrapped in chiffon

I’m like that disturb me and suffer my wrath.

Trying to call the local post office.

So one bit of information gleaned yesterday was the local post office phone number. I’ve been dialing it all day and it just rings roughly 10 times and no answer. You cannot tell me there’s nobody at the local post office. I’ll keep trying tomorrow. From 9am to 1pm .

All to hold them to their promise to deliver a god damned mother fucking package. I keep thinking the nickname for UPS is shit wrapped in chiffon and I’m trying to think of a fitting one for USPS. Maybe Undeliverable Special Package Shitheads.

USPS in Georgia

Well so the way they deliver packages is to lock it in a parcel box on premises and leave a key in our mailbox. This usually works. However this time just a key with no tag in our mailbox. And written on the back of a piece of junk mail is telling us it’s in box D1P. But trying that key it would turn but the box will not open.

So we call USPS. Since last Friday we’ve called and been called by them.

When i call I asked why ups. FedEx, Amazon and Walmart deliver to our door but USPS doesn’t. What the bloody fuck.

Today’s call Keyron spoke to them and it yielded 3 pieces of information. First the number for the local post office. Second consumer affairs number and the district phone number which are in fact the same.

But when it comes to utter incompetence you can just look from the postmaster himself to his supervisors and mail carriers and it just smacks of beauracratic incompetence when it comes to package delivery.

Wapo covers transgender


I’ve long had known people that are transgender. Both in my personal life and my professional life.

Two friends one did non surgical the other did. That latter was something of a train wreck.

In my professional life there was John who became Joan. And certainly others who I didn’t have direct contact with.

And as far as the kids they’re fine with the exception in many cases their parents first reaction is to be a bigoted ass.

What can I say haters gotta hate. But one thing still irks me somewhat. If you do a gene sequence that woman is still biologically a man. Until that can change. If it can.