Dinner this evening

As is usual the great pondering of what to have for dinner started at 2:00PM today. Then I wanted fish maybe salmon, sworrdfish and the like. Then we landed on shimp stir fry.

1lb of peeled and deveined shrimp

1 Red Bell Pepper sliced into thin strips

1 tablespoon chopped ginger

3 cloves of garlic minced.

Frozen broccoli

Sugar Snap Peas

Chicken or vegetable stock

Extra Virgin Olive oil

Crushed red pepper flakes

Season one side of the shrimp with salt and pepper. In a pan put a splash of Olive oil and heat on medium-low heat. Cook shrimp 2 minutes per side. Transfer to container.

Now a little oil in the pan again and cook the pepper, peas and broccoli. In my case the broccoli was frozen so I put in 1/4cup of water. And covered the pan for 7 minutes. Mix a little oil with the ginger and garlic and dump into the pan. Cook for 1 minute or until fragrant. Stir it up, add the shrimp . Add the crushed red pepper flakes to taste.

For the sauce it’s corn starch with soy sauce, oyster sauce and chicken stock. Pour into hot vegetable and shrimp mix

It’s delicious.

Lunacy in action

So apparently this guy decided to spend $30 million of his own money to build a 3 mile wall on U.S.-Mexican border. Now he’s looking to sell it to someone. I say someone buy it and blow it up. Nothing a good pyrotechnic display wouldn’t do to sooth my soul.

Look I read about the stupid wall idea – the gist is it would be ineffective at preventing the flood of immigration out of war torn states in central America. So that was the reason for my chosen title for this post. FIsher may have the wherewithal to spend $30 million but to me he isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box.

Progress with artificial hearts

So apparently they’ve now implanted an artificial heart into a man. It’s much more advanced then the old Jarvik artificial heart. Has sensors, etc. Just requires a 9 pound external pump be carried. More concerning is the battery life on the pump is only 4 hours. If the battery life could just be upped by a factor of 3 you might have something supremely usable.

But something else is progressing too, it’s called 3D printing of vascular organs like hearts, lungs, etc. That to me is the best long term solution.

The article can be found here.

Today’s Funny

So since someone lost his sight he prefers spooling up video of older shows. So we recently settled upon the Donna Reed Show. And a little googling I found out the show aired from 1958 to 1966. And that Ms. Reed was a republican

So in the thsoe they talk about the food they are eating. Things like liver and onions, lamb croquettes etc.

Now the only liver I’ll eat is Fois Gras and Pate. But when someone starts saying we should try liver and onions I said “Oh my you’re becoming … A Republican.”

Just have to run with it I suppose.

Things I miss about living up north

This post is derivative of something I was reading. What is it I miss? Easy access to the Atlantic ocean. And a couple hour drive and I could be either in Manhattan or go North and end up in the White Mountains. And it’s funny I saw Boston Pride had a major kerfuffle. And realized while I’d been to a couple of the gay clubs in Boston area, I’ve only ever seen the Pride parades in Providence, RI and Manhattan, NYC. But never done Boston’s parade.

And food wise I’m pretty good down here in Georgia after two years. I mean come on we’ve found some good pizza places. And some absolutely fabulous Japanese food, and hell even South American food and Indian food. Plus some Vietnamese and Cambodian, and most of all island region food.

So while I miss the Northeast part of the country I do ok here in the the Southeast.

Astronomy: Reminiscing

Lets do an inventory of the stars, constellations and galactic things I’ve had the privilege to observe over time.

  1. The Big and Little dippers – when I lived in the northeast.
  2. The constellation Orion that one was clearly visible in the northeast with all the light pollution.
  3. The arc of the Milky Way Galaxy – that was when we were traveling in the mid Atlantic region.
  4. Mars – that one is unmistakable.
  5. Venus – another one you can’t miss
  6. Saturn and its rings through a telescope.
  7. Through that same telescope I’ve seen a few of the Messier objects.
  8. A bunch of the NGC stars too.

When i think about it I’ve seen many things that the average human has never even thought about. And done things that not everyone has. Like how many people can say they’ve stood inside a powered down fusion reactor? I have.

Nonsensical policies at Walgreens Pharmacy

The fun of the last week is the tale of the day. Been trying to get them to ship a refrigerated product. But here’s the funny part I looked at the shipping label and documentation for the drug, the shipment et al.

DId you know Latanaprost has to be chilled. Ok I get that but it can survive up to 8 days as 40C to 60C. That’s that’s 104F to 140F.

But here’s what I learned about Walgreens – they might fill a prescription on a certain day and take a few days until you request it to ship. For example Hydrolizine was filled on the 21st and shipped on the 26th and received on the 26th.I think you see here I’m going with this and why Walgreens blanket policy on chilled drugs is capricious and idiotic. One day to ship at temps far below 104F. In fact it was 88 degrees yesterday.

It is nonsensical. Typical of Walgreens.

Amazon Kindle on the Web is down

And it in’t just Kindle but music.amazon.com doesn’t work either. At first I contacted Amazon. I had mentioned to them the version of Chrome I’m using and I think the problem lay with Google Chrome. Because if it isn’t Amazon it has to be Google. And try contacting Google by phone It’s damned near impossible.

The cause of yesterdays power outage

Apparently Tropical Depression Claudia spawned some rather bad weather. So the area of the outage must have been larger than I initially thought. I guess if you dump enough water and wind it knocks power out. So my proposal to hit the power providers where it hurts has some merit.

In fact beyond the human caused outage of a few moths ago most of the outages are caused by weather events. Interesting.