West Virginia files suit against Catholic Diocese

Well men, women, boys and girls – it’s getting interesting for the old Catholic church. Seems they can’t keep burying the fact that priests in nearly every diocese are abusing kids.

You may have remembered I posted about Cardinal George Pell – now here’s the thing about Cardinals they are the Princes of the church. Seriously. It’s one step from there to being the Pope.

So the Republican Attorney General in West Virginia has filed a civil suit against the local diocese there. 

I’m hoping the time is up for the Catholic church. You can see little by little the armor being dinged and instead of remaining resolute, it’s severely denting credibility and ability to attract adherents to the church. Good.

Now let me be clear, I left Catholicism some 30+ years ago. I know the gig was up just through studies. Plus I didn’t respect a clerical collar. I understood the purpose of the uniform and knew that it was for intimidation not to mark a holy man. And what did I go to well atheism. I don’t need to get up early on a Sunday morning and tithe 10 or 15 percent of my income to the men of the church.

Fedex is learning from UPS

You know how many times I’ve said UPS nickname that tickles me is Shit Wrapped in Chiffon? I’ve written of it a lot.

So I found a good deal on a 55″ 4K TV – as in sub $300. Now it was shipped Fedex this time but it was SUPPOSED to be delivered yesterday. It’s 42 miles from the place and is in Kennesaw, GA right now. But delivery date has now been shoved to Tuesday. The reason for the exception – a damaged shipping label. Dear non-existent deity it’s like they took the playbook from UPS.

I know, I know – the package weighs all of 51 pounds. And I know USPS for example, up to 70 pounds they’ll deliver it.

So why on this Earth do businesses think Fedex and UPS are the best where the Postal Service is the best. There should be incentives to make them use USPS – now that Amazon has done and end-run around the postal service. And congress should stop screwing with the postal service.

And the mystery deepens

So I paid a visit the orthopedic doctor – and he’s stumped. Sure I have a janky spine but it doesn’t account for my symptoms.

So my next visit was supposed to be the 12th of the month to have an EMG/NCS done. But I got a message this Tuesday from the Neuro guy asking if I could come in next day. Told him that was impossible. So 4PM Monday it is.

This by the way is why I resisted going to the doctor for so long. I knew it would just be a never ending series of MRI’s, blood tests, and the like. Now it’s poking and prodding. Fun!

Once again

With the spouse in the hospital. The more doctors he and I talk to the more I get that sinking feeling they have no clue whatsoever.

A certain other blogger had commented on my previous story about this indicating how 30 or 40% of the time the medical community is clueless.

Granted this doesn’t inspire any great confidence on doctors on my part. It’s like my primary care doctor – she wants me to get a colonoscopy. I told her it’s not like I’m bleeding out my ass and such.

A New Series I’m loving

It’s on AMC – they really do knock it out of the park now and then. This one of course is NOS4A2 – and yes Charlie Manx is of course a vampire. A daywalker too.

A Vic McQueen – the protagonist. Recall in the past I have posted how the vampire genre was overdone. Perhaps I was wrong. The myth of th vampire – no soul just exist forever. That sort of appeals to me. The feeding on others though – not so much. I mean I already know I don’t have a soul myself. And I haven’t hungered for the blood of children.

So someones Medical Odyssey Continues

It’s getting to the point where what doctors say I take with a serious grain of salt. Again, like they did in March of this year they bandied the term congestive heart failure. You see the symptoms were fluid in the lungs, and lower extremities. Plus I finally figured it out – there is such a thing as white coat syndrome and for people with their sight it is true. But I couldn’t figure out why when I take the spouses blood pressure at home it’s normal, but in a clinical setting it goes nuts.

It finally hit me – it’s the sound landscape. At home it’s just the gentle hum of the HVAC system and nothing more. In a hospital there’s that coupled with beeping, bleeping, buzzing etc. So white coat syndrome isn’t just visual it’s aural too.

Anyhow the congestive heart failure on the spouse – nope his heart is fine. I do hate that doctors do this. Because it doesn’t inspire my confidence, nor the spouses.

The fluid they’re flushing out with diuretics. But I’m almost at the point where I say enough. If you can’t figure it out within three days then you’re obviously stumped.

A two for one gay movie review

Since the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us I took some time and watched a couple of gay movies.

The first of course is Call Me By Your Name – let me say Elio and Oliver that was sort of sad when Oliver left. But what Elio’s dad said toward the end of the movie when Dad found out about Elio and Oliver – is that Dad himself thought he might have feelings for Oliver but something held him back. Wow.

The other movie was Play the Devil – that one was sort of interesting. The guy who played Gregory is in a word fucking gorgeous. But the result of the tryst with James has Gregory knocking James head into the ground and knocking him out. Then Gregory and his friend put James back into his Benz and send it plunging off a cliff. That’s pretty much the end of the movie. Weird one but beautiful one.