Weird memories

Interesting what triggers them. I’m watching Modern Love and it brought a memory of my friend and I in Confederate uniforms me as an officer he as a soldier. This photo was my friend Chris and I. Back in the 1980s. Funny how that happens. Chris had ms so i think he might have succumbed. But can’t find him.

Happy Friday the 13th

Yes of course it’s Friday the 13th. Ooooo. I’m not worried. It’s funny the fear of the number 13. Even tall buildings omit the 13th floor and jump from the 12th to the 14th floor. All because of religious bovine excrement. Now 13^2 is 169 minus 100 is 69 a good thing.

Coming sooner than you think

This post comes from an article on Medium about how people don’t want to take jobs at grocery stores. I’d left a comment stating it’d be easy to replace the cashiers and the baggers with robotics.

All a cashier does is slide items across a scanner , take cash and coupons and that’s easy to automate. The bagger is slightly harder but a little AI along with computer vision and a couple of arms with some range of motion.

Think about the benefits. Costs for humans to do the jobs are gone. Only ones left are power and preventive maintenance. Plus robots don’t need breaks or food.

A treatise on incompetence

The Christmas flood here is still reverberating. The heating system is down because water damaged the thermostat wiring. The bedroom rug is still saturated with water.

This comes down to why the flood happened. When temperature drops just let the cold water side drip. In fact building management sent out notices in the past asking we do this.

But the apartment above us had been vacant for months. So nobody could let the water drip. Which in turn when the temperature dropped to single digits a pipe burst.

This is where the incompetence comes in. Building management knows the forecasts and they know which units are vacant. Do a reasonable mind says send maintenance people to the vacant units and let the water drip. But they did not do this and it leads me to the conclusion that building management is incompetent.


Well it’s now a flood of biblical proportion. A section of ceiling over the dryer has collapsed. I’ve been on hold for ten minutes when I called 911. Something very bad happened upstairs. Of course past couple of days I’ve heard banging upstairs.. very early in the morning

Update on xmas

As of 8:30 pm we heard water coming down from the apartment upstairs. I surmise it’s a burst pipe. Because there’ve been arctic temperatures and in bet the power is off upstairs.

Merry Christmas

So woke up cooked breakfast. Gave someone a USB rechargeable heated vest. Gets up to 65c which is 150f that’ll keep him toasty. Me I’m chilling, reading and drinking coffee. Start dinner prep soon. That’s mashed potatoes, ham, brussel sprouts and stuffing.