Georgia Turns Blue

Granted we still have a Republican Governor and Sec of State. However on the Federal side Joe Biden is now the certified winner of Georgia and the U.S And Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff unseated David Purdue and the odious Kelly Loefler from the U.S. Senate.

Now the Senate is 50/50 Repubican/Democrat and guess who gets to cast the tie breaking vote but Vice President Kamala Harris. Oh happy day.

On books

You could say I’m an avid reader. I was reading a book recently and it talked about a home library with hundreds of books. I once had 32 linear feet of books but it was a bit much to move around. I’ve since gone digital where my library is at my command online and there are hundreds of books there too.

And recently I was on and was reading and I noted my most popular categories. Let’s start:
1. Math – that one is obvious. I think I had posted my education both formal of my own volition covers 95% of the entire domain of mathematics.

2. Machine Learning – yeah I get into that one too. Can’t help myself.

3. Philosophy this one surprised me but I know why. I’m always interested in what makes us tick.

4. Basic Income – in these economic tough times government needs to do this.

5. Future – yes indeed I can prognosticate with the best of them.

6. Gaming – another one that isn’t a surprise. Love gaming.

7. Blockchain interested in how it works.

8. Politics if you are a long time reader you understand why.

9. Technology – yes indeed my life revolves around tecnhnology.

We really are living in the future

Yeah some of the stuff in the video above isn’t true. But lots is. For the clearest example I will examine two things. One is an Amazon device the other a car.

That Amazon device plays media of course but also can be used to control lights in the home via inexpensive wall warts. For example saying “Alexa turn bedroom light on” and presto the light is on.

Then there’s the car – it’s definitely connected. For every month I get a diagnostic report from it which includes the state of the vehicle. Things like tire pressure, engine, transmission etc all in that report. That’s fucking amazing. The of course there’s the remote for the car – which in addition to locking and unlocking the doors can start the car from my front door. Nice in summer/winter so long as you remember to set the HVAC controls correctly.

Oh and navigation all through a mobile phone. I can remember when mobile phone only did voice and text. Now maps, audio, et al comes from that device.

About Weight

It’s funny I was listening/watching Heavy D and the Boys. One line in the song “Many are called but few are chosen.” So true – when I was almost double the weight I am now I got propositioned by more guys than ever.

It’s funny once saw a video in which it was explained that some people like the more Rubinesque among people than the skinny little waifs. I found that to be absoulutely the truth.

The fun this evening

And I’m being sarcastic when I say fun. I had just picked the spouse up and we’re coming down the wooden stairs at our place. Suddenly my right leg goes out from under me. Now I was holding onto the railing but I managed to jam both legs in between the rungs of the railing. I could get my left leg out but not the right.

We called 911 – firemen showed up lifted me out. Here’s to the DeKalb County Fire Department. It’s weird most firefighters here are white like me, lots of the cops are black.

And spouse tried to help me but being blind is a heavy load normally. So he called 911.

Now my right leg it was one of those situations where it got through th rungs but could not come out. The firefighters had to take a rung out to get my leg out.

Now the right leg going out it only happens when I overdo things. And I clearly overdid it today I had to go the mailbox up the hill. I think that did it.

Digital Underground

So now that Amazon Music is working again I note one of my recommendations was Digital Underground.

Very interesting group. They heavily sample P-Funk so there was the obvious hook for me there. Plus Tupac got his start with them.

Listening the Sex Packets album now. Damn this brings me back to the early 90’s.

Ooopsie: Amazon Music

So apparently Amazon Music is having some issues this afternoon. Will not play at all. The splash screen pops then I get a message to try again later.

What did they do I wonder.

I’ve always noted when the big playes screw the pooch. Few years ago it was Google’s turn.

On the downslide to 60

Welp today is my birthday. Fifty six orbits around the sun on planet Earth. That means 60 is just four years away now.

At the very least it didn’t fall on Thanksgiving this year.

Had to do a Pre-Thanksgiving run to the supermarket to pick up a ham, stuffing mix, and cupcakes for the birthday. Pretty much a relaxing week so far.

A little bit of astronomy

So Sunday night I got home around 6PM and noticed something in the sky. It was reddish in color and I realized it was Mars. Granted it’s only the next planet over in the scheme of things.

And in one of the books I’m currently reading it’s mentioned that one of the characters doesn’t know any of the constellations in the sky. I know a few like Orion, the big and little dippers you know. That first is visible in the northern sky during winter.

It’s weird I always get more into Astronomy during the cooler months. One of these days I have to buy myself a telescope.

Congratulations to the new President Elect Joe Biden

Well well – the fat lady has finally sung. Trump is out, President elect Joe Biden his Vice President elect Kamala Harris clinched the electoral college.

The count is 290 Biden/Harris to 214 Trump./Pence currently – 20 past the 270 required. And it also means the following. There were 60 electors up for grabs. Previously the Biden team needed only 6 to get to 270. That would have left 54 for the current miscreant President. But no, 290 now. That means Biden/Harris got 26 subtract that from 60 and you get 34. If by some stretch Trump gets those it only brings him to 248. Na na na boo boo – you lost Trump, suck on that for a while.

Somehow I have the fantasy of seeing Trump lead out of the White House in handcuffs.