PowerShell for Windows

So Microsoft likes to say it’s bridging the Windows and Linux/Unix world. I call bovine effluent on that. Why?

I’ve been getting familiar with PowerShell and I see that ls and cat work. But no head function at all . Guess I’ll have to roll my own. Pain in the ass.

Guess I can just fire up my Centos install on my VM and use that.

Making Savory Oatmeal

So today I didn’t want a ton of sweetener in oatmeal. I chopped a little onion, some parsley and garlic – sauteed that in butter and a little beef fat. Then added chili powder, cumin, paprika, salt, pepper and a little cinnamon.

You’ll need 1/2 chopped onion – chop it fine if you can.

Bunch up the parsley and slice across. Maybe 1 or 2 tablespoons.

If you want fresh garlic chop up about a tablespoon worth – for convenience you can use the big jars of chopped garlic.

For spices – a tablespoon of Chili Powder, a dash of cumin and paprika and maybe a tablespoon of cinnamon. Then salt and pepper to taste.

Make the oatmeal with the water and salt. Then stir in some of the sauteed onion, garlic and parsley with the spices. It’s easy¬† – tastes awesome. No added sugar necessary.

Biases in Documentaries on Food

So when someone went to the doctor she recommended this video:

I note that comments on the video are disabled. Which is the reason I’m posting this here. You see there’s a strong anti-meat and dairy message in this video. And I have no interest in becoming a vegetarian or vegan.

And the carcinogens – it has something to do with the Maillard reaction when we cook food – it’s responsible for the browning of meat and baked goods. And in the process it may produce a chemical that is in fact a carcinogen.

But take chicken – they recommend you cook it to 165F – but I know through experience 150F for 10-30 minutes is enough to kill most pathogens. This came about when I started with sous vide cooking.

Plus the guy who produces the ‘documentary’ is a hypochondriac. He admits it at the beginning.

Now the thing is – there is lots of conflicting information out there. One that I’m convinced is sugar – look at all the products in your pantry – I guarantee more than 50% will have added sugar. And I’ve posted in the past about Ancel Keys – the one I’d like piss on his bones and then stomp on them. He’s the Son of a Bitch who said fats were evil, and of course he was paid by the sugar industry.

But this video says meats are carcinogenic. Well yeah the way people cook is a big part of the problem.

And people need to understand that humans need fat too – the myelin that coats our nerves is fat derived.

But as the video goes on it’s pretty clear the guy making the documentary dances around the real issue. He discovers to his horror that the ACS, ADS etc. are funded by the food industry. If he could just make the cognitive jump – we need a constitutional amendment that corporations are not people.

And FYI I did a contract at a grocery scoring company – I’ve posted before how broccoli by itself scores nearly 100 points, but add cheese to it and the score plummets dramatically. Needless to say I only spent a few months doing that.

Like I said, only reason I’m posting this is because they disable comments on the video.

Horror – French Press cylinder

So I was about to make some coffee yesterday. The cabinet popped open as it is wont to do and out slide a large plastic plate and in slow motion I watched it smash the glass cylinder of the French Press. {sigh}

Fully versed in the methods of Murphy I start thinking. I have an electric tea pot where you can vary the temperature. So took 1.5oz. of coffee dumped it in, put about a liter of water in and set the temp to 190.

The pot has a nice feature Рonce it reaches temperature it maintains it with a Keep Warm function. So timed out 3 minutes and the coffee came  out Рit has a screen on the water output side but I bolstered that with a little bit of cheesecloth.

Guess I’ll have to order a new borosilicate glass cylinder again. Go thought about one a year.

A tech moment

So I had been using my phones networking for a few days while a net service issue was repaired. In a word – it’s a 4G phone and net services remind me of dial-up. Probably time for a new phone but I digress.

So when I was done using the phones net services I looked in usage and saw the disable net services slider. So I slid it. Didn’t think more of it – but it’s then I noted Google Voice, and a few other things stopped working. And the little 4G icon disappeared. Go back in turn mobile data on and wonder of wonders the little 4G icon lights up.

Getting ones Amateur Radio License in the United States

I got my first amateur radio license in 1992 – it was the no-code Technician class. I’d studied the Gordon West books found at Radio Shack back then. In fact my Tech and General I used those books.

For my advanced class license I used the ARRL Study books. The one I used took a deep dive into theory which I loved. Loved it until a buddy pointed out the pattern in phase angles.

For my Extra class license I drilled on the question pool. You can download them for free if you search on the web.