West Virginia files suit against Catholic Diocese

Well men, women, boys and girls – it’s getting interesting for the old Catholic church. Seems they can’t keep burying the fact that priests in nearly every diocese are abusing kids.

You may have remembered I posted about Cardinal George Pell – now here’s the thing about Cardinals they are the Princes of the church. Seriously. It’s one step from there to being the Pope.

So the Republican Attorney General in West Virginia has filed a civil suit against the local diocese there. 

I’m hoping the time is up for the Catholic church. You can see little by little the armor being dinged and instead of remaining resolute, it’s severely denting credibility and ability to attract adherents to the church. Good.

Now let me be clear, I left Catholicism some 30+ years ago. I know the gig was up just through studies. Plus I didn’t respect a clerical collar. I understood the purpose of the uniform and knew that it was for intimidation not to mark a holy man. And what did I go to well atheism. I don’t need to get up early on a Sunday morning and tithe 10 or 15 percent of my income to the men of the church.

Food: Omelets

So this weekend I did a few omelets. I’ve gotten pretty damned good at it too and my favorite is in cast iron. But a non-stick pan works too. And I can do it with a silicone spatula or hard plastic spatula.

That’s one thing as I learned to cook I learned to improvise. It plays well with omelets. Those are about the preparation. If you’re going to do mushroom, onion and cheese it helps to prepare those items ahead of time.

Ready for Halloween

So one of my principles about Halloween is KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid. Masks are my thing.

Here’s a picture of my latest – it incorporates two things I love masks and EL wire.


It has three modes – on solid, slow blink and fast blink. I plan on passing out candy with that on. It also cost about $7 so low price, maximal effect. Nice!

A surprise living in Decatur, GA

So this young man by the name of Dante he’s maybe 12 years old. He’s got the ambition to make money that’s for sure. Knocks on our door, for $3 he’ll drag our trash over to the dumpster about 1200 feet away.

Then I realized this kid – he was hitting everyone up. That my friends is the mark of ambition. I’ll have to introduce him to crypto currencies. Teach him how to invest a portion of his earnings. What the hell, he’s doing us a solid why not do him one too.

Plus I was thinking, if we give him $3 a week times 4.33 weeks in a month is $12.99. I might do a deal with him, $25 a month and he hauls our trash every Friday/Saturday. That solves my problem, makes him a little more money and we’re all happy.

Artemis coming up on 5,000 miles

Which means her first service interval. Change the oil and filter, do a basic inspection and then 7,500 miles is the next stop.

I’ve been checking the oil – it still looks good even though the car says it’s at 50% life. I’m tempted to take a sample of the oil and send it for testing and see what they say.

Apartment Hunting

In the Atlanta Metro area is interesting. Between we two we have blindness and gimped leg to deal with. So this meant certain constraints are placed upon us. We finally did find a place where the price wasn’t too awful thought and it’s only eight stairs to content with. We have been in the place for eighteen days thus far. It’s a nice place, not a basement apartment but first floor – the entrance is down eight steps and the place is VERY quiet.

Must say though one of my neighbors, a woman saw me at the mailboxes and chatted me up. Guess she didn’t pick up I didn’t give her the once over. But still it’s very nice. The property is a big complex of buildings all in a wooded area. Meets my approval.

However the commute to the office is 30 miles. It’s all highway of course, I-20 to I-75 and the stupid constantly astounds me. I realized early on if we all just paid attention to the rule – one car length for every 10MPH of speed – in kilometers it’d be one car length for every 16.09KMH. this makes me wish we’d gone metric in the 1970’s. Then we wouldn’t have to convert everything and maybe not even lose a couple of spacecraft because of conversion errors.

A little more about me

So as you might have guessed I’m not the squeamish type. I don’t know precisely why I’m like this. Just that I can handle lots of different foods be they protein based, plant based etc. Even cheese, fatty salami, sausage etc.

Plus blood doesn’t freak me out. And I’m of the camp that reads a lot so maybe that’s it. Plus I happen to know the bacteria in our gut outnumbers or close to outnumbers our own human cells. And if you bleach your entire home, your body is still home to a literal shit ton of bacterial species. So as a result – I no longer worry too much about it.

Now in the past I’ve had some serious science experiments in my fridge. No more of course but they’re what got me into fermentation and study of how certain microbes are VERY beneficial to humanity. I’ve done sourdough starter, pickling with both vinegar and fermentation – my favorite was fermented Jalapeno peppers.

Plus I’m handy with electronics – know how to solder things together even sweat copper pipe. This brings me to the point where my reading and my thinking plus electronics skills mean I can give my car features GM never though about. I had previously posted how I realized the gas pedal and the break pedal have no physical connection to their constituent parts. And the power steering isn’t hydraulic but electric. I think you see where I’m going here.

It does mean that I need to order a new Arduino and RasPi and the CAN bus shields for the above. First I’ll WATCH the CAN bus and see what happens when I perform various actions. And once I have that data I can start playing with the CAN bus. It is then I can get the car to start bending to my will. For example I would love if the cruise control was adaptive – in that it could increase or decrease speed based on the vehicle in front of me. And that of course started the though of a separate sub-system at the rear of the car – that if a vehicle gets too close a sign in back would light up saying “Back the fuck off!” Maybe not that rude. But it’d be funny. Maybe even side lookers tied to the turn signals that say “I know it’s a pretty blinking light, but would you place back down and let me merge into the lane?” Do it all automatically and rotate the messages so it’s not the same all the time.

I can see my car becoming a nice little engineering project.

A post about Spotify

So I’ve been digging Spotify. Going through stuff I love from the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s 1990’s et al.

But it’s the genres that I truly love – right now it’s my Good Jazz playlist.

The only thing I dislike about Spotify is the ads which are off the wall stupid , and Spotify constantly dunning me to pay for the service. Ut si.