Christmas Day 2005 Otherwise known as Saturnalia …

Christmas Day 2005

Otherwise known as Saturnalia 2005

Ok, so I got what I pretty much needed most for Christmas. Clothes. You see, I’m not the type that finds shopping for clothing exciting. To me clothes only serve the function of keeping one warm, cool, or unexposed in most social situations. If you remember the 80’s release of the movie “The Fly”? I’m of the Dr. Seth Brundle school of wardrobe management. That appeals to me as I’d rather use my mind to think about other things.

So it’s up to Keyron to steer me in the right direction when it comes to clothing. Here I am just chillin’ listenin’ to “Grown Folks Music” under the R&B heading on AOL music, whilst creating a database.

Here’s a self of Keyron and I:

And one of our strays, Charles catching a few Z’s before dinner:

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