Finally broke down

I did it. Ordered a new Linksys WAP54G wireless access point. I went this route because I already have dual hardaware firewalls in place.

Right now I’m piggybacking someone elses wireless connection. But then it struck me, I get no benefit from my firewalls. So that’s why I ordered my own.

Of course I do know how to secure wireless. Some hints to those contemplating wireless:

Turn off SSID broadcast. That way when someone scans for networks yours won’t show up. it does mean you’ll have to hard-code the SSID in your wireless devices though.

Use WEP (Wired Equivalency Protocol) with a strong key. The newer standard that comes with most 802.11G routers is also very good.

Use MAC filtering. Every network device including wireless network adapters have an OEM assigned MAC. This way only YOUR devices can connect.

So with all three your device:
1) Has to know the wireless access point to connect to
2) Has to know the WEP or equivalent key
3) And has to be known by the wireless access point.

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