Why must they do this in public

Ok, I’ve noticed that the pace is picking up with regard to religious nuts handing out their little tracts in public places, like intermodal transportation hubs, etc.

So today as I’m about to board the trolley home, this guy starts passing out this tract. Everyone just took it, some threw it away immediately, others held on. When he came to me I didn’t even take my headphones out of my ears and said to him “Go peddle crazy somewhere else.”

Was I rude? I mean, in public I have a reasonable expectation to not be annoyed by those attempting to proselytize.

My dismay is only increased by the fact that this year there was no Columubs Day celebration on Federal Hill, but we had TWO religious processions and one wine festival.

One of these days I’ll post the video of one of the lame religious processions.

But here is what I’ve noticed. Ever since George W. Bush was elected President, the religious nutcases have come out of the woodwork. I want these folks to go back to being the freaks that they were, the people we laughed at, and didn’t take seriously.

The world was so much better then.

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