Oh its looking pretty bad for Bush

This is a point by point confirmation of the conspiracy theories attendant to the Bush Administration. Makes all sorts of reference but the main players are Wolfowitz, Cheney and PNAC.

Part I

Part II

A long read, with many, many hyperlinks to other supporting articles. But my favorite is this because even though the articles in The Onion are usually fictional, sometimes they nail it dead on. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction:

In 2001, the Onion ran a satirical inauguration speech, wherein Bush promised to run up the deficit, tear down the wall between church and state, and “engage in at least one Gulf War-level armed conflict in the next four years.” Truth is often stranger than satire, however, and it was later discovered that well before Bush’s selection as president, plans for war in Iraq had been drawn up and were waiting in the wings. “For nearly a decade a group of people exiled from power during the Clinton years had been making plans,” Ed Vulliamy wrote, referring to the cast of characters tied to the Project for a New American Century, whose memos and documents signaled a hunger for battle and foretold a future of wars on multiple fronts. (And possibly even a reinstatement of the draft.)

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