The RNC is really scraping the barrel

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten messages that someone from the RNC is calling me about an award, etc. Of course the message is less than satisfactory so today I called.

When I talked to the guy they played a message from Representative Reynolds about how small businesses are being squeezed by taxes, regulation, etc. Now granted, I have an EIN and I use it for corp-2-corp stuff that I do. But I’m a one man shop – reason being is that it’s a part time gig and the thing the really makes me not jump into the fray feet first is something I don’t think most of you would have guessed.

It’s health care. There’s no way in hell as a small business owner that I’d shell out $5,000 a year for health insurance for myself. But if nationalized health insurance were out there, I’d be more likely to not only jump in feet first but I’d also me likely to hire folks knowing that I don’t have an out of control expense to contend with.

On a /. thread I made the point that less than 10% of the money we spend on military misadventure would pay for a manned space program for at least 20 years.

And if we took, oh, 25% of the military budget we could probably make sure that every U.S. citizen has health insurance. Hell, with that kind of money we could make sure they had access to a medical system the likes of which the world has never seen.

Granted, I object to the fact that in Rhode Island the tax rules for a business are just this side of ridiculous.

For example, even if I had an overall loss for the fiscal year I’d still be on the hook to division of taxation for $500. That just adds insult to injury in my opinion.

And I guess the RNC didn’t research me very well. Had they done so they would have found that I’m ultra-left leaning liberal. That’s right, just to the left of Ghandi.

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