Get Ready for World War III

If Al Qaeda is indeed intent on destroying Saudi oil production we better be prepeared.

Here’s a list of what oil is used for in the United States:

By extension of that above – our food supply is dependent on oil. Even some pesticides are petroleum based.

Not terribly obvious:
Product Packaging
That computer you’re using.

This is just the short list. Peter Allan wrote “Rumsfeld’s Paw” on the Huffington Post. It inspired me to write this little note of warning.

You see, the United States isn’t the only country that depends on oil. Europe depends on oil, China is now very dependent on oil, as is India.

What happens when more than half the supply suddenly disappears? You guesses it – contests in which winner takes all gains new meaning.

Thank you George W. Bush for making the world less secure.

One thought on “Get Ready for World War III

  1. You are right of course TruthSpew. If Al Qaeda does attack Saudi Oil, we are in for a hugh battle over who gets what. And since we have the “Shrub” in office along with the other hawks in congress, it will get bloody.

    We are staged in Iraq already for the fight.


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