Corporations owe $35 billion in fines

This doesn’t surprise me at all. Just think what $35 billion could do in your community. It would for example, easily provide health care for all Rhode Islanders for a few years.

The original article is here.

2 thoughts on “Corporations owe $35 billion in fines

  1. I was in trouble with the IRS about 15 years ago. I got three months to pay fines and penalties or I would go to jail.

    Of course I am not a “big business.”


  2. Interestingly I once owed taxes, filed a payment agreement and all was well.

    Don’t get me started about the State of Rhode Island though. About three years ago I get a phone call and letter stating that I never paid my 1990 RI taxes. Very odd – I asked the IRS for my 1990 transcript and sure enough, I paid federal taxes. I always file both at the same time.

    This went on and on – they wouldn’t accept the fact that my RI taxes were automatically withheld, even with proof from copies from microfiche of my W2 from the employer I was working for at the time. W2 clearly showed that the taxes were paid.

    So the sons of bitches snatched my refund for the past three years.

    As a state employee this infuriates me even more that this level of incompetence and arrogance can exist in another state agency.

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