Some more thoughs on the National Debt

First – read this article by Bob Burnetton The Huffington Post.

Now let me say that the Bush administration is reckless with regard to financial matters. Lets set aside for the moment the recklessness of it’s other policies and just focus on the one I just mentioned.

Grover Norquist is on record as stating “I’d like to shrink government down to a size where its small enough to drag into the bathtub and drown it.” And what better way to do that than cripple it with debt.

Had I mentioned that Grover Norquist has been spending more time at the White House to plan the Spring Offensive? Yes, this puke, and that’s the nicest way I know of to refer to Norquist, is doing his damnedest to destroy the Federal Government.

Granted, many of us have had that fantasy at one point or another but like it or not, government does provide a certain level of benefit.

For example – those highways the almost every one of use on a daily basis were paid for with Federal dollars and continue to be maintained with same. How about public transit systems. While overall funding has been limited to capital expenditures, public transit agencies still owe part of their existence to the Federal budget. And need I mention SSI, Medicaid and Medicare? Or how about ADC, or other welfare programs.

Do the neo-cons really expect faith based charities and corporations to lend a helping hand? I highly doubt it. Corporations would love to introduce the concept of indentured servitude with no benefits, while at the same time decimating public education.

So tell me what happens when you have a population that is mostly poor and uneducated, or more accuratley what effect does it have.

If you guessed less of al likelyhood to overthrow corrupt leadership you’d be correct. But that oversimplifies it. This is the golden opportunity for unions to take leadership again. But they won’t because they too have been corrupted.

So what shall we do? I think that situations like this are precisely why the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was written. Those men knew what a despot ruling with tyrannical power could do and wrote a safeguard into our constituion for the very reason to protect our republic.

The only problem is that we’ve been quibling about the 2nd Amendment for quite a while now. I truly believe it doesn’t mean you can own your own aresnal, but it does mean you can organize and take up against a despotic government.

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