I can’t believe. Now well have to say

Bovine Effluent/Effluvia instead of using the all purpose ‘bullshit’. I suppose when you use the technically accurate term it flies so far above the FCC commissioners heads that they consider it elite speak and thus protected.

I hold both amateur extra and general radiotelephone licenses. As such I believe that the FCC should remove itself from content management and concern itself only with bandwidth management. We don’t need a nanny to tell us what we should and shouldn’t listen to.

And when you consider that the days of broadcast radio are numbered, you can see where this all goes. It’s just a way of pandering to the pious (pt^2p from this point forward.) and nothing more. Most of my listening these days is on last.fm, cd’s I’ve ripped to digial and placed on my pmp, or even podcasts and m3u’s of NPR shows.

Oh – if you’re an earth science geek as oposed to a general geek like me, you have to check out NPR’s Living On Earth. Some very good stories ranging from things like nuclear power to the signs of global warming.

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