Katrina: Things you won’t see on the MSM

Ok, I admit that I’m on the Truthout email list. Every email I get contains things that the main stream media either won’t report, or the report comes out weeks later. That pretty much impeaches the credibility of the main stream media.

But technology changes everything. In the ten minute video clip shot seven months after the Katrina disaster, you’ll see an Iraq war vet asking why Kellog Brown and Root can build massive military bases in Iraq yet at the same time no real government sponsored help has reached the gulf coast of the United States. Or how about the marches that you NEVER see on the evening news. You’ll see that all here:

Windows Media DSL 56K

Quick Time DSL 56K

I’ve posted before on how the national debt impacts every man, woman and child in the United States, to the tune of $30,000 each. Now realize that the yearly military budget for this country is somewhere in the $500 Billion mark.

You could take $50 billion or so from that to help rebuild the gulf coast. But no, we’re rather play our little PNAC game in Iraq.

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