Georgia planning to have public school bible classes

This has been in the news for the past week but this article brought it home for me.

Having spent twelve years in Catholic schools, and having read and analyzed the Bible from cover to cover I think I should stand as a clear example of why I think it should be taught in schools, and how I think it should be taught.

Studying the Bible did two things for me.

First, it provided the reason for my suspicion that the Bible is a poorly cobbled together text with numerous falshoods, inaccuracies, contradictions, and outright lies. It’s should be fairly obvious to everyone once you actually read the entire text of your particular version of the Bible. If anything it made me more cynical of organized religion. I think this is a good thing.

Secondly, it showed me that Christ, though I don’t believe him to be the son of God, affected change simply be opposing the status quo. Christ taught us to love our fellow man, forgive each others transgressions, and just to generally live a good life.

I have more than a little suspicion he’d be appalled at what’s been done in his name.

What I’m afraid of in the case of Georgia, Texas, et al is that they’ll put hacks in front of the class. Men of the cloth in essence. I was taught by men of the cloth that had masters and PhD’s – they’ll be taught by men of the cloth that received their wisdom directly from their god. And there isn’t anything more dangerous in my opinion.

In the classes I had we read chapter and verse and discussed it with lay teachers, priests and the brothers. And some of the more cynical bastards were in fact the ordained teachers. Isn’t that interesting – they actually gave us the ability to choose. I’m so hoping that this is what happens in Georgia.

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