53% Of Americans believe we were created

This is too disturbing for words. I fall in the 13-15% range that thinks man evolved without the hand of god. But we’re in the minority here.

Did these people fall asleep during biology classes? Hell, I went to a Catholic high school and we learned about Mendel and Darwin in biology. Just what in hell are they teaching these days in public schools? If it’s Georgia they’re studying (And that’s me being optimistic!) the Bible so they get a pass.

I’m far too tired to lament this. So just read the blurb.

2 thoughts on “53% Of Americans believe we were created

  1. I know what you are saying truthspew, it is sick what small minds many Americans have today. They really believe the Earth is 10,000 years old. They believe that ALL the wildlife on the planet (except for the dino’s) made it onto the ark.

    I was looking at one of my nephews textbooks from an Xtian school….. (he was 9) and they showed picture of dinosaurs and people co-habituating…. Just unbelievable.

    The USA deserves what it get, a third rate on education.


  2. Part of it has to do with the third rate education provided by our public schools.

    This became readily apparent when I was in HS. Being that I went to Catholic schools my first 12 years meant that we weren’t taught to rote memorize at any grade level past the 5th grade. We were taught how to think, how to evaluate critical information, etc.

    Teaching has now become preaching. It’s no wonder that people have no idea about the true age of the earth, or that people and dinosaurs most definitely did not cohabitate. Oh, maybe some of our early, early, hominid ancestors may have been around, but they were prey for birds, wolves, and cats.

    I don’t recall the author but there’s a good book by the title of “Man the Hunted” that explains it all quite nicely, including pictures of hominid skulls with fang punctures in the skull.

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