Powell asks Rice to defend Iraq planning

Oh this is great. I’ve known for quite some time that Colin Powell wasn’t happy as Sec. of State. After all the man has always had a look on his face that said he wanted to say more, but wasn’t being permitted to do so.

He is a former General after all. And their allegiance to the Commander in Chief is legendary. Well, at least not until George W. Bush became president.

While he was Sec. State he had the State Dept. draw up plans for securing Iraq. It took considerably more manpower and he and Rumsfeld butted heads over it. This is when the White House Iraq Group took control and dictated how to run a war to the Pentagon. But he could never have bitten the hand of the master until AFTER he officially retired. And now is that time.

So now he’s asking Condoleeza Rice to defend the planning for post-war Iraq.

By the way, it seems the George W. Bush has Narragansett Indian blood in his veins. So embarassing that there’s a Rhode Island connection to Dubya.

One thought on “Powell asks Rice to defend Iraq planning

  1. Colin Powell has a brain, and experience on the battlefield unlike Rummy and Shrub. He KNOWS what it will take to “win” the war in Iraq.


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