The Immigrant Issue

Had my commute home today made more difficult by the May 1st immigrant protest in Providence. The police blocked off pretty much all of downtown Providence. I’ve got some jumpy video that I’ll be posting shortly.

What irks me is that we’re talking about illegal immigrants getting special rights. Sorry, my ancestors paid the price, Mexican immigrants have to pay the price too. Because this is all about Mexican immigrants, not Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, etc.

My proposal: Tell the 12 million illegal immigrants that they’re granted automatic green cards with the stipulation that they have 2 to 3 years to become naturalized citizens of the United States. Should they not become citizens they will be immediately deported. At the same time, seal the border with Mexico. Plant land mines and put guard towers every few hundred feet and kill anyone that tries to come across the border illegally.

And perhaps the U.S. should put pressure on Vicente Fox to clean up his own house. Maybe if there wasn’t so much poverty in Mexico people wouldn’t be clamoring to get into the United States. You don’t see Canadians illegally streaming into the United States, do you?

One thought on “The Immigrant Issue

  1. Nice blog. I attended the march in honor of a woman who picked onions in the middle of winter. She never saw one gringo. I like onions in my marinara.

    I agree about creating a path to citizenship; though in fairness to the refugees, who are here due to things like war rather than just wanting a job and a truck, it needs to be a different deal.

    here’s my law:

    1. I think those who walked in illegally should be denied unemployment benefits- not food or medical, mind you, but their value to the economy is an easily hired and fired labor force, and we can legalize that if they can accept it. minimum wage, ok. accident insurance, fine. but keep working, or go home. and instead of social security payments, their wages will have a dedution for a medical and disability fund set up to serve their visa class.

    2. illegals should be made to wait, oh, maybe 7 years for their citizenship as opposed to the customary 5 for legal immigrants.

    Here’s my rant:

    A few nuances;

    -there are also many illegals, not 11 million but thousands certainly, who come here legally then overstay their visas.

    -my ancestors came here from England before there was a nation, before there were immigration laws. sometimes they asked the natives, sometimes they didn’t. our first immigration law was enacted to exclude chinese. when your ancestors came ashore, we cursed them as dirty and exploited their labor. until 1965, northern europeans were still given preference to swarthy mediterraneans.

    my point- how or when you set foot someplace doesn’t grant you any right to be there. i’ll give palestine to the Jews when they give upstate NY back to the Indians. people have been moving as long as there have been people. the invention of nation states and borders is recent and to try to seal them defies the ongoing globalization of capital. to trap people in the poor shitholes they were born in while corporations move factories and jobs around is patently unfair. killing them at the border- you know our nation wouldn’t be great without respect for human rights. nobody seriously talks about sealing the border because it would be so costly and wouldn’t work. water will find a way, so will immigration. better to make it so easy to do it legally that there is no reason to risk it in the desert- and work with Mexico to fix their corrupt and jobless economy. Annex them as a territory like Puerto Rico and seal the border at Guatemala, I say. That’s narrow enough for your guard stations.

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