Paul Hardcastle’s "19"

Paul Hardcastle’s “Soundchaser” popped up in my iTunes playlist so I googled him and came across this video:

The average age in WW II was 26, in Vietnam it was 19, in Iraq it’s 30. It was also found that more than half those returning from Vietnam were suffering from PTSD, and I’d wager that more than half those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan willl suffer from it too. War is hell. You don’t get dragged through that and not have violent flashbacks.

When you’re that close to it you don’t have the ability to rationalize it so you tuck it away and let it eat at you. My maternal grandfather saw the horror of WW II and it affected him profoundly. But they never knew about PTSD when WW II vets came home. Granted, they were taken better care of than those in Korea, Vietnam, Gulf I, or Gulf II.

The proverbial crap is going to hit the fan soon.

6 thoughts on “Paul Hardcastle’s "19"

  1. Wow that video was something. Maybe with the average age of guys in Iraq being older, 30, as you say, they will be able to handle it better.

    I just wish the fuck BUSH had not lied and gotten us into another Vietnam, what a fucker he is.


  2. What’s more amazing is the totall supression of images of the destruction, the wounded, the dead from the Iraqi war.

    This is a fully managed military action. The administration thinks we don’t know what is happening, but we do. It just takes time for that knowledge to filter through to the general population.

  3. well i have been a half-beat from over-emotional this whole weekend.
    of course watching this (again) really makes be profoundly sad.

  4. I remember that video growing up (I used to have the record – which really dates me). It had an impact on me then and it’s just as relevant now – I wish it wasn’t – the word “sadness” can’t even describe the situation.

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