Even in 1934 – those with money wanted more!

That’s right. You won’t normally read about this but they tried to start a coup against FDR in that year. You see, Roosevelt had serious enemies in the business community.

And during war time, the business community makes obscene profits. We’re seeing this now with Halliburton. Must be nice to get a no-bid government contract and then not do the job or overcharge for the job. But then, when your former CEO is the Vice President of the United States it is that much easier to have your will done.

Anyhow, back to the coup. It appears they asked Major General Smedley Butler to lead the insurrection against FDR. He promptly went to the newspapers and then testified before congress.

He saw combat in World War I and by 1934 could see that we were building towards war again. Even wrote a nice five chapter pamphlet about it called War Is A Racket.

Yes it is a racket. We’ve been duped once again. Just substitute Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran for the country names, you’ll only need to substitute a few company names as many of the players of that era that profited from World War I are still with us today, including DuPont and Domino Sugar among many others.

So I beseech you, read the document. Pass it around. Lets help to wake up our fellow citizens to the reality that has become our government. It is no longer a government by and for the people. It still may be of, but that is where the similarity ends.

One thought on “Even in 1934 – those with money wanted more!

  1. Dear Truthspew –

    I am that very “Super Christian” that just has to preach that our friend Onanite talked about in his may 23rd posting that you responded to.
    What you and he had to say made me feel really good and also filled me with the desire to ask a couple of favors of you – so I wrote you a long email but the e-mail address you had posted in your profile did not go through.

    I felt like it would be wrong to say the things here on your comment page that I put in my e-mail unless you felt ok about it so I made a posting of the email letter and put it on my “sweetsweetsurrender” blog. If you don’t mind check it out and get back to me.
    The post is called “Message To Truthspew.”

    Marion Doerflinger

    Ps I like your blog

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