Month: May 2006

The new headphones

Yes – again. The HD Pro’s have trouble holding charge and syncing now. So I decided – wired headphones again.

I searched around and found these:

They’re by an outfit called Symphonized. And yes – they’re wood. They sound fantastic.

One thing I do like about them – note on the bottom of one of the drivers – that’s a jack! One of the biggest issues I’ve had with headphones is the cable from them to the device always breaks. But even the cable they provide is nice, cloth covered too.

The company only sells on Amazon which is interesting. I’m seeing a lot of business moving to Amazon and Facebook of all places.

Paid $69 for the phones – well worth it. And now I’ll take the Inland HD PRo’s apart – and replace the stupid USB connector with a mini connector. Then maybe it’ll charge again.

The Immigrant Issue

Had my commute home today made more difficult by the May 1st immigrant protest in Providence. The police blocked off pretty much all of downtown Providence. I’ve got some jumpy video that I’ll be posting shortly.

What irks me is that we’re talking about illegal immigrants getting special rights. Sorry, my ancestors paid the price, Mexican immigrants have to pay the price too. Because this is all about Mexican immigrants, not Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, etc.

My proposal: Tell the 12 million illegal immigrants that they’re granted automatic green cards with the stipulation that they have 2 to 3 years to become naturalized citizens of the United States. Should they not become citizens they will be immediately deported. At the same time, seal the border with Mexico. Plant land mines and put guard towers every few hundred feet and kill anyone that tries to come across the border illegally.

And perhaps the U.S. should put pressure on Vicente Fox to clean up his own house. Maybe if there wasn’t so much poverty in Mexico people wouldn’t be clamoring to get into the United States. You don’t see Canadians illegally streaming into the United States, do you?

Powell asks Rice to defend Iraq planning

Oh this is great. I’ve known for quite some time that Colin Powell wasn’t happy as Sec. of State. After all the man has always had a look on his face that said he wanted to say more, but wasn’t being permitted to do so.

He is a former General after all. And their allegiance to the Commander in Chief is legendary. Well, at least not until George W. Bush became president.

While he was Sec. State he had the State Dept. draw up plans for securing Iraq. It took considerably more manpower and he and Rumsfeld butted heads over it. This is when the White House Iraq Group took control and dictated how to run a war to the Pentagon. But he could never have bitten the hand of the master until AFTER he officially retired. And now is that time.

So now he’s asking Condoleeza Rice to defend the planning for post-war Iraq.

By the way, it seems the George W. Bush has Narragansett Indian blood in his veins. So embarassing that there’s a Rhode Island connection to Dubya.