Month: June 2006

Synthesizer Music – Whoa!

I’ve been a fan since I first heard synths used in things like the Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like an Eagle”, or Earth Wind & Fire’s use of Moog synths, or Jean Michelle Jarre’s work which was heavily synthesized.

So it was greatly pleasurable for me to both watch and hear this video and drool over the setup that MooT BooXLe has. If only I weren’t such an I.T. dweeb. But wait, wait, computers can synth it up too! Oh sweet heavenly flying spaghetti monster!

The Sears Tower "Conspiracy"

Jon Stewart does a nice job ripping this one apart. They found no weapons, no real plans other than one member of the group having been to Chicago (Hell I’ve been there too, and I own guns – that makes me a candidate doesn’t it.)

This was another Bush Administration Wag the Dog campaign. A home grown terror group.. woooooooo.. boogeyman is out to get you. The woman at the end is typical of the American sheep. She had been feeling ok and now she’s scared again. Screw that! I’ve never feared a terrorist attack. That’s precisely what the terrorists want, and more importantly what the Bush Administration wants. After all they need to deflect attention away from their own fuck ups, notably USAG Gonzalez, and FBI Director Mueller. Not the sharpest tools in the shed. I mean, if you’re going to go in front of an increasingly nastier press you had damned well better have your facts together.

Are cops really this stupid?

This one takes the cake. The girl is already on the ground and restrained, there was absolutely no need to taser her, but the fucking thug cop did anyhow. I’m hoping he was disciplined, including losing his job.

Need I remind people that if general pandemonium were to break out the police would be VASTLY outnumbered. For example, the city I live in has a population of 173,500 people. That’s what the census says, we’re closer to 210,000. Anyhow, there are approximately 550 sworn officers. Lets say half that 210,000 goes bonkers.

That would mean each officer would have to handle 190 people. There aren’t enough bullets on the planet, nor are their reflexes that fast.

This is why I say, we have to train our police officers above all the be courteous whether chasing down a perp, or talking to a victim. Otherwise general outrage is a very bad thing. And it looks like Pittsburgh’s finest are going to feel the backlash of that little video for quite some time.

Freakin’ Mac Ads

They’re all blatantly false. Technically there is now no difference between a Mac or a PC. The hardware is all pretty much the same.

Having used Windows XP and Mac OS-X I can tell you that I prefer XP. Maybe it’s because I’m familiar with the interface. But this ad really pisses me off. You see, while PC’s don’t come bundled with audio and video editing software, a pc user knows where to find said programs. I’ll be the first to admit the Final Cut Pro on a Mac blows the doors off Microsoft Movie Maker, but then I don’t need the feature set of Final Cut Pro.

And the one where they tout that Mac’s don’t get viruses – just read the CERT alerts and tell me that’s still true. Not to mention the fact that that ad just screams out and invites virus authors to target the OS-X platform, just to stop Apple from using such bovine effluvia.

Modifying a Trimline Phone to use with Skype …

Modifying a Trimline Phone to use with Skype

Watch the video

The plans can be found here on Instructables site.

Parts were obtained from Radio Shack (The 9V battery and the 1/8″ plugs.)

The majority of components were purchased from a Wm. Dandreta Company. This is a find for those of us in Providence. If you didn’t know about it before, you know now. A word of advice, peruse their web site and get part numbers. Then call or email it in and pick it up later.

It is a place that I’d love to have say a thousand dollar shopping spree. It’s that good. Those of us who’ve dealt with RS and Jabbour know that we needed a good electronic parts distributor. The above is the real thing.

Toyota ad plays a bit to the dark side

Almost War of the Roses in flavor. (Great movie, even if it is a little bit twisted!)

But this Toyota ad had me laughing.

They just seem to be playing to the dark side of humanity lately. Do they really think that’ll sell more cars? I mean, they are the #2 car maker in the U.S. so I do suppose there is room for growth. But as GM learned, once you’re at the top, it’s awfully hard to stay there.

This one is interesting too: