Freakin’ Mac Ads

They’re all blatantly false. Technically there is now no difference between a Mac or a PC. The hardware is all pretty much the same.

Having used Windows XP and Mac OS-X I can tell you that I prefer XP. Maybe it’s because I’m familiar with the interface. But this ad really pisses me off. You see, while PC’s don’t come bundled with audio and video editing software, a pc user knows where to find said programs. I’ll be the first to admit the Final Cut Pro on a Mac blows the doors off Microsoft Movie Maker, but then I don’t need the feature set of Final Cut Pro.

And the one where they tout that Mac’s don’t get viruses – just read the CERT alerts and tell me that’s still true. Not to mention the fact that that ad just screams out and invites virus authors to target the OS-X platform, just to stop Apple from using such bovine effluvia.

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