The Sears Tower "Conspiracy"

Jon Stewart does a nice job ripping this one apart. They found no weapons, no real plans other than one member of the group having been to Chicago (Hell I’ve been there too, and I own guns – that makes me a candidate doesn’t it.)

This was another Bush Administration Wag the Dog campaign. A home grown terror group.. woooooooo.. boogeyman is out to get you. The woman at the end is typical of the American sheep. She had been feeling ok and now she’s scared again. Screw that! I’ve never feared a terrorist attack. That’s precisely what the terrorists want, and more importantly what the Bush Administration wants. After all they need to deflect attention away from their own fuck ups, notably USAG Gonzalez, and FBI Director Mueller. Not the sharpest tools in the shed. I mean, if you’re going to go in front of an increasingly nastier press you had damned well better have your facts together.

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