Month: June 2006

Was the 2004 Election Stolen – in Rolling Stone now

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this after reading about it in Brad’s Blog. The article was written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Of course the 2004 election was stolen, so too was the 2000 election. In any case, just click the article title to be taken to the web site.

Since I’ve just read the first few pages (It’s a 10 page article) I have one question to ask. What do we do to a president that was elected through fraudulent means? The Constitution doesn’t cover that scenario. So I’ll entertain suggestions.

Some of mine: Tarring and feathering definitely has some appeal. Send the bastard back to Crawford in shame. Or how about being run out of town on a rail. Would either of these be illegal? Granted – we’d have to seize power to do so but wouldn’t that be fun!

But on the serious side, the Constitution and its amendments seems to be silent on the possibility of outright fraud when it comes to elections.

With that in mind I’d like to propose a constitutional amendment:

If any official or person be found guilty of election fraud including undue influence or rigging of systems, procedures or other means, shall upon conviction by a circuit court, be put to death by hanging.