If you’re an elected official be very careful

Be very careful of who you piss off. Seriously. Look at what people have been capable of when they feel impotent and more succinctly, when they’re humiliated. This by the way is one of the myriad problems in the middle east.

Mr. Marvin Heemeyer found himself at odds with his corporate neighbor. Mr. Heemeyer owned a muffler repair shop that held out against the advances of the concrete plant until finally they’d bought out everything around him, even access to his business.

And when he turned to his elected officials to help, they turned a deaf ear on a small businessman. There have been other cases where people felt those feelings against the government and they never turned out well. Three that stand out are Timothy McVeigh, the Branch Davidians, and Ruby Ridge. Mr. Heemeyer joins his fellow disgruntled Americans on a list of those who took matters into their own hands.

This should serve as a warning to all those in government who could help a citizen vs. helping a corporation. After all, our government representatives know which side their bread is buttered on, and it isn’t the side for the people. It’s for those who can contribute the most cash to keep said representative in power.

In Heemeyers case, he armored a bulldozer and proceeded to tear down all the buildings belonging to those who screwed him. The concrete plant, the council members homes, town buildings, etc. But he didn’t kill anyone in fact he went out of his way not to kill, other than that little episode where he goes near the propane storage facility.

You can find commentary here, and video here.

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