The Damage the Ex-Gay movement does to people

For a while now this has been simmering in me.

A friend of ours wasn’t very lucky in love. He’d find fuck buddies but he wanted something deeper. What didn’t help was the asshole he found, who said he loved him and all, while diddling a 14 year old as well as other guys.

From there our friend became involved with the Methodist church. Through the church he got involved in transition program to help him leave homosexuality behind. He tried, moved to MO, tried to live life as a straight man and failed. He came back to RI but was living with a ‘family’ that was comprise of formerly gay people who know were in a heterosexual relationship.

Both the church and this couple put enormous pressure on our friend who has realized that there isn’t a problem with him being gay as far as he is concerned. It’s the people around him that are making him crazy. It is to the point that he bunks at our place for a day or two every week or so.

He has some serious psychological issues but the problem is, in jobs he can get he can’t get health coverage. So nobody wants to help.

So this is how the ex-gay movement can damage someone. As my grandfather used to say, a leopard can’t change its spots. If you’re gay, you’re gay. Get over it, get used to it, and live with it. Trying to change yourself to please others will only make you miserable.

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