Whitney – Pre Druggie and my radio days

It makes me so sad to watch this. She could sing. I remember this song so well, I had just started a dj gig at WDOM 91.3FM. Yes it was college radio but we weren’t students. At the time Providence College had a hard time keeping its radio station going. We stepped in and offered to run it and run it we did from 1985 to 1987. We had some very good times. Between the antics, seeing who ended up where (DJ Bucket ended up on WRIU for the longest time, and then he hooked up with pro radio last I knew.) and the general fun it was an experience I highly recommend if you can get it.

I recall it was a 125W transmitter on top of Joseph Hall, but you could kick the power up a bit from the remote in the studio, and we regularly did. You could hear us pretty much all over RI. It’s also how I ended up with not only my restricted radiotelephone license, but my amateur radio and general radiotelephone licenses.

Anyway, used to go on the air Sunday morning at midnight and our normal hours were to broadcast until 2AM. Well, sometimes we went a little longer. Now at the time my full time job was retail, and I had to open a store at 8AM on Sunday morning. So at times I wouldn’t sleep until 5PM Sunday. But then we got the Sunday 6PM to 9PM slot too. So sometimes (most of the time!) I wouldn’t sleep all weekend.

Whitney’s first album had dropped that summer and we played the hell out of it. You Give Good Love was so popular that we had to record the track on a cart because the groove in the album was almost worn straight through.

Anyhow, here’s Whitney in her glory on The Tonight Show:

If she only realizes she’s a crack ho and cleans up her act, which includes ditching Bobby, I bet she’d have a hell of a comeback career, one that might even upstage Madonna.

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