Month: July 2006

We the (Evangelical) People

Our legislators are idiots, I really believe that. Were there not oceans of cash to influence their votes they wouldn’t know what the hell to do. So it is with We the (Evangelical) People. Who do these fucking people think they are? Strip the courts of constitutional interpretation? Hello, did these people fail civics? Its as though they forgot about that little thing called checks and balances. If this keeps up we’re going to have to check and balance with heavy artillery.

Here’s a little scenario though. Suppose a pro-gay legislature gets elected and proceeds to repeal hateful language, bad constitutional amendments, etc. Then they proceed to enact legislation and enshrine non-discrimination into the constitution. I know it’s a lark but it could happen.

Then neo-cons replace the liberals and they contest the constitutional amendments. Except they can’t get the majority. They can’t even ask the courts to invalidate it.

These geniuses even think this enhances states rights. They’re still fighting the fucking Civil War for Spaghetti Monsters sake! Well in their view that was the War of Northern Agression. They haven’t seen agression yet. Let me get the reins – conservative idiots like Congressman Ron Paul of Texas would be locked up in a heartbeat.

But here’s the sad part. I live in a state where marriage equality actually CLEARED the judicial committee. But our Speaker of the House, William Murphy quashed it by denying it a place on the calendar for the House. Senate President Joseph Montalbano and Governor Donald Carcieri also came out against the bill. But they’re all the same kind of hypocrites and cowards as my father. What’s the old saying, “People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” I wish I had the money because I’d put tails on those three men for 24 hours a day, for a period of at least six months. I guarantee you that the behavior you’d find would raise a few eyebrows. After all, we’ve recently lost two of the senatorial leadership who got caught with their hands int he cookie jar, one was a candidate for Governor.

But nobody will call the bigots on their hypocrisy.

I’m hoping that that this backfires on Rep Paul and Company.

The Daily Show vs. Rummy

Oh this is great. I remember when Bush was first elected that I read in several places that Bush administration would be its own source of folly, that its antics would leave writers an easy job. That came to pass within months of Bush taking the presidency. Bushisms being one of the fruits!

Rumsfeld has no leg to stand on. I don’t know why they even bother to trot him off to Kuwait when the environment he’s going into is uncontrolled. We’ve seen time and again that members of this administration need to be in carefully controlled environments lest their true character be shown. From Cheney’s “Fuck You” in the senate, to Condi Rice’s shoe shopping episode, or Bush’s brushes with pretzels and bicycles we can tell that this administration makes the Keystone Cops look like amateurs.

The one area in which they are formidable is election fraud. Who better to exploit mail in ballots, who better to disenfranchise voters, who better to try and oppose solid research showing that the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen, but most of all who better to control the media.

The one thing they didn’t count on is the influence of the web. Why watch television news when you know what they’re going to say?

In the video footage soldiers are now asking tough questions like, “Why do we have to dig through landfills to find armor?” or “Why are we going into battle with antiquated equipment?” And of course other people are left asking “Why can’t we equip soldiers with $1.25 tourniquets so they don’t exsanguinate from battle wounds?”

Interestingly I don’t normally watch the Daily Show on television, I prefer seeing the clips on the web.