Verizon’s "Come Back" scam

Every so many months I get a “Come back” letter from Verizon offering me this supposedly great deal. Their great deal is for $28.95 a month I’ll get calling features (A max of 3!) and 5 cents a minute for intra and inter state long distance.

I’m sorry but right now I pay $30 a month ($24.99 + taxes and fees like E-911 recovery) with Vonage. I’ve been very happy with Vonage. Not only do I get pretty much every feature, some of which I’ll never use, but I get unlimited local and long distance. That LD by the way is ALL of North America including Canada, as well as a good chunk of western Europe.

And its only a matter of time before my local calling area will include chunks of Asia.

That’s the beauty of VoIP. So why on earth would verizon ever think I’d want to switch back to them?

Earlier I said the cost was $28.95 right? Well I hadn’t added in all the taxes and fees. Once those are added in their little savings plan goes to $45 a month and that’s without LD usage calculated. Just to give you an idea, approximately 1/2 of my calls are what would formerly have been toll. Put it this way, there are 4 days to go in the billing cycle and already I’ve used 804 minutes – so if half those are LD that would be an additional $20.10 I’d have to fork over to Verizon, bringing my total to $65.10. So no, I’ll be sticking with Vonage thank you very much.

I figure by this point in the game Verizon has wasted approximately $20 trying to get me to come back to them over the last two years. Let them keep spending themselves into a their own grave.

One thought on “Verizon’s "Come Back" scam

  1. We use VOIP also through Packet 8. Our bill (including taxes and any fees) $17.95 a month. Go suck a lemon Verizon and Qwest.


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