Doing it right for I.T. Infrastructure

Wow – Equinix has quite the setup. But as much as they’d like to think that five layers of biometrics will stop someone, they’re wrong. You can always brute force your way in. We just haven’t come to that yet.

Interesting when we moved our office, some thought was put into it. I was the one who brought up N+ power. We have an APC Symmetra system backed up by a 125kW natural gas powered generator. We even extend power out from that system to our broadband providers routers on the other side of the building.

That system provides power to nearly 40 servers and our telephone and voicemail systems. In addition the room housing all this has redundant A/C systems. The room has its own key and it’s own alarm system armed separately from the main space.

Do I think it’s 100% secure – no I don’t. But you’d need to breach two locked doors, avoid the video cameras, know the alarm code to disable the alarm, and then you MIGHT be able to get in.

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