Immigration Gets Ugly

I’ve stayed pretty neutral about the whole immigration thing because I too have immigrant blood flowing through my body. But my ancestors did it the legal way. They paid the price of immigration.

The one thing nobody wants to talk about is the fact that these people are entering the United States illegally. They have no legal right to be here. And to hoist the Mexican flag over a U.S. Post office is in my opinion, a very BAD omen. it isn’t that these people want to immigrate, they want to turn the parts of the U.S. that connect with Mexico into Mexican territory.

Ok, so maybe we shouldn’t have taken it when we expanded westward but whats done is done. Leave it be, because you don’t want to wake a sleeping giant.

A Puerto Rican friend refers to Mexicans as cuckarachas – cockroaches. And that’s exactly what the crowd of American flag waivers seems to be thinking too. Because they’ll just keep on coming across that border so long as the internal problems in Mexico don’t get fixed.

Those two videos are Part 1 and Part 8. I suggest digging through all of them and watching closely.

We also have to acknowledge that much of our agricultural output from those parts of the United States have been brought to market on the backs of immigrants. But we have to draw the line somewhere.

I don’t object so much to immigration, I do object to trying to make the United States into Mexico.

One thought on “Immigration Gets Ugly

  1. Interesting videos. America could not make it without the illegal immigrants that fuel our economy. Why doesn’t the Bush administration target the companies that hire illegals? Because it would screw up our economy.


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