Crossfire 1986

Oh my, this is a find. Lets see Frank Zappa face off with the WaPo’s John Lofton. Lofton is a horses ass, no doubt about it. Zappa may look like he’s orbitting Pluto, but he’s pretty well tuned in.

When Lofton has to resort to ad hominem you can tell he’s lost the argument. And Zappa is a strict constitutionalist. Makes me love him even more.

But Zappa brings up a good point – we are rocketing toward a theocracy. It’s clear from what Lofton is saying that he wants to control what OTHER people can read, see or hear. Yup, Christofascisti even then.

And we get the extra treat of watching Novak acting all smug.

One thought on “Crossfire 1986

  1. Lofton never lets Zappa say much, immediate attack mode and does not let up.

    I do not support Zappa at all in this, but Lofton give us a glimpse of waht a Calvinistic Theocracy would bring.

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