Month: September 2006

No more Wisdom Teeth

Ok – overall not a bad experience. I’m not in any excruciating pain though they did shoot me up with enough novocaine to numb a horse. And the iv general, oh that stuff is heavenly. But then it’s one of the benzo’s which are great at sedation but better at eradicating recent memory. Much better than the stuff they used 25 years ago. This time around the doc is telling me I should start feeling relaxed and then bam, thats the last thing I remember.

Now I just have to wait for the bleeding to clot up. So I’m on my back for an hour changing gauze every half hour. As of this update, there’s still a little bleeding but nothing bad. In a day or so that’ll stop.

Modern dentistry is a wonderful thing. Got my Vicodin prescription, anti-inflamatory, and mouth rinse. I’m ready for anything!

Interview of Professor Richard Dawkins

This time it’s about his book “The God Delusion”. You might recognize the name as I’ve linked some of his videos on this blog. For example, he did “The Root of All Evil”. Friends that have watched that particular video series do say that Dawkins comes off as a bit strident but I do love that a die hard liberal scientist produced that show. To have anyone else do it would have made it unwatchable.

The Precursor to Family Guy

It’s called The Life of Larry. Lot of Family Guy concepts such as:

The voice of Peter, the wife named Lois and last but not least, the talking dog. And most precious of all – the church scene “Jesus Loves you, but everyone else thinks you’re an asshole”. But I love the terms “reproductive apostrophes” and “miracle bucket”

The Daily Show tackles Gays in the Military

The whole gays in the military argument strikes me as this side of ridiculous. And the whole witch hunt that expelled so many Arabic translators is disgraceful.

Then of course there’s Dr. Paul Cameron. I’m actually surprised they let that biggot use the title of Doctor since most organizations have cut him loose.

The Daily Show is an interesting phenomenon. Their faux news is more on target that the main stream media.

Let the Theocracy Reign

This is one of the scarier things I’ve ever seen on the net. Knowing how impressionable children can be, I strongly question the wisdom of their indoctrination with religious dogma.

I for one do NOT want to live in a country run by religious zealots. Do you realize how bad things were in the centuries following the founding of the Christian church? Or how about how bad things got once the reformation took place in the 15th or so century?

Churches wielded an enormous amount of power in those days. Today it looks like this is their last ditch effort to insinuate themselves into every corner of our lives.

As an atheist this terrifies me. Because I am not one to bow to the rule of religion. I’d prefer to take as many of those religious goons out as I possibly can before I’m taken down.

Concentration Camps For American Citizens

Jones makes a very good point. We have far too many distractions in our lives that draw attention away from the power grab perpetrated by a government elected by us.

In this special free 30 minute video report, Alex Jones documents the movement from quasi-secret preparation for mass internment of American citizens, to the now public declarations that such facilities are being readied an will be used to imprison political subversives and dissidents after the next staged terror attack. has much more videos free to watch and very informative videos exposing the New World Order!

Diebold machines easily hacked

Check this video out. That Fox even carried it is amazing as far as I’m concerned.

And in todays news its been revealed that to unlock the cabinet on the voting machine all you need is a key for a mini-bar or office filing cabinet.

That these machines are made by Diebold surprised me. But I do note that our ES&S Auto Mark machines in RI are exactly like that machine, right down to the interface.

9/11: Press for Truth

Video runs 1:24:15 but worth a viewing just the same. And hats off to the Jerseyites for asking questions none of us dared to ask. Of course some of us knew that something was up. As a supported of open government I know that the minute an elected official declines an answer means they know something potentially explosive.

Look at little RI where former Senator John Celona is now playing prosecution witness. Word is, there are other investigations of many more of our elected representatives but the corporate owned media will very rarely let us glimpse that gem of truth.

So call me a tin-hat if you wish. But there are far too many inconsistencies about 09/11/2001 that keep me questioning my government.

This video is yet another in a series of videoes that does one thing and one thing only. It helps us connect the dots.

Share this film with everyone you know. This is the best film available to expose 9/11 as a cover up. Even your Republican grandpa from Texas will have doubts about 9/11 when he finishes it!

On a personal note – I uploaded this film so it could be seen by thousands of more people. But this film wasn’t produced without a lot of time and money invested into it. If you can, support these guys and order a DVD for yourself. They have done a tremendous service for our country.