Medicine in the United States

Well, for the past week or two Keyron has had an infection in his left eye. Clearly related to contact lens use, and more alarmingly, AOsept use. You may remember the news that a really big batch of that disinfectant that was contaminated and put on the market and then recalled. Problem is the damage had already been done and unless you regularly watch the government lapdog called the media, you’d not have known it unless something happened. And in many cases, people lost their sight because of this chemical concoction. What ever happened to heat disinfection? When I used to wear contact you used the polaxymer rub to clean the lenses, rinsed them with saline then into saline filled cups in the heat sterilizer. Plug em’ in for 6 hours and fresh lenses next day. Didn’t have to worry about contamination.

So he makes an appointment with a pretty well regarded GP. The GP does a physical and a basic diagnosis of the eye – it’s an infection. But he sends him to an optho to get a scraping done to confirm. Tells Keyron to come back to the optho today, but then another doc in the general practice calls and tells him to come in today. He goes in only to have the doctor do the same thing the first one had done, and the same results. He’s 20/20.

But it gets better. There’s finger pointing going on, both GP’s say it’s an eye infection, optho says maybe not. But doesn’t fucking know until tests are finished. Oh, not to mention that it’s pretty easy to spot an infection – I can tell you its an infection because its responding to the antibiotic eye drops.

I finally realize why I have such a general hatred of doctors. It’s a distant memory so I’ll try to get it out.

When I was a kid, from maybe 3 to 5 years old I was poked and prodded by doctors incessantly. You see, I have a slightly scary looking birthmark on my back. After all that time of being poked/prodded know what the determination was? It’s a birthmark. A fucking birthmark.

As I got older I realized just how clueless your average GP is.

I still bemoan the fact that cancer treatment is such a shotgun approach. Chemotherapy is some nasty shit because in addition to killing cancerous cells, it’s also killing good, thereby the shotgun approach. Radiation is much the same. Only now are we seeing drugs that block angiogenesis, or even the latest, extracting parts of a patients immune system and inculating them with a virus that targets cancerous cells. Very promising stuff but far too late to bring back the ones I loved.

Medical knowledge has expanded so much that the average human being cannot grasp all they need to know. That’s why we see the rise in specialties. But GP’s need to remember that they’re the first line. And they need to stop treating people like idiots. I know exactly why the GP wanted to see him today .

You see, when I worked for the Dept. Of Attorney General I got involved in the investigations of a couple of doctors. They do one of two things to make more money, either they upcode the patient visit, pack too many patient visits into the average day, or have people come for unnecessary visits because then they can bill again. And again, and again.

And one of my co-workers formerly worked at the billing company that I helped prove the case against. Matter of fact, as the I.T. director of the AG’s office I sat in the meeting where he swore up and down that they didn’t have historical billing data.

Later my co-worker told me that the billing companies know precisely which doctors are upcoding or packing, but they do nothing about it because the billing companies are making money hand over fist. And in our first meeting he was told to lie. Nice isn’t it?

Medicine here in the U.S. is in crisis, and the government sits and fiddles while the country burns. Some say we’ve got the best of the best. In some respects that is true, but in a broad macroscopic view, it’s a system that favors large corporations and larcenous doctors over people.

One thought on “Medicine in the United States

  1. which is why I dont go to useless Drs anyway….they are sleeping with the big pharma..who in turn is using us as their guinea pigs………ANYhOO…it is a guessing game with the DRs.. mostly a common sense approach……..Given the fact that people are killed more often by their drs then guns, give me a 45 please, I will leave the diagnosing to my own common sense…… Do like the Drs. read up on the symptoms, then take an educated guess!

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