Funny Stuff: Male Restroom Ettiquette

Rendered entirely via the Sims. These are rules that are never spoken in the U.S., you just know them by osmosis if you’re a man.

3 thoughts on “Funny Stuff: Male Restroom Ettiquette

  1. That is freaking AWESOME, and sooo true.

    I have a technical question, how do you upload these videos onto eblogger? I used an HTML link to one once, but that doesn’t seem to work for youtube… I just wanted to know. Thanx :D

  2. You have to embed the video. Youtube provides the embed code just copy and paste it into your editor on blogger.

    Use the html editing though, that way it doesn’t freak on the code.

    As to Google vid – there’s a button on the right hand gutter that says “Email – Blog -…”. Click it – then select Blogger. It’ll ask you to login etc.

    Being that Google owns Blogger I can understand why that works.

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