No more Wisdom Teeth

Ok – overall not a bad experience. I’m not in any excruciating pain though they did shoot me up with enough novocaine to numb a horse. And the iv general, oh that stuff is heavenly. But then it’s one of the benzo’s which are great at sedation but better at eradicating recent memory. Much better than the stuff they used 25 years ago. This time around the doc is telling me I should start feeling relaxed and then bam, thats the last thing I remember.

Now I just have to wait for the bleeding to clot up. So I’m on my back for an hour changing gauze every half hour. As of this update, there’s still a little bleeding but nothing bad. In a day or so that’ll stop.

Modern dentistry is a wonderful thing. Got my Vicodin prescription, anti-inflamatory, and mouth rinse. I’m ready for anything!

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