CNN’s Lou Dobbs postulates on how to gain the attention of our elected representatives

Well now, Dobbs makes an interesting point but to be honest I don’t think his suggestion to change to disaffliated/independent would really work. After all, in Rhode Island a pretty fair amount of us are disaffiliated, yet our Republican and Democratic pols still think they can fib to us.

I want to take Dobbs’ suggestion further. We need something that will get our elected officials attention. Maybe instead of going independent, we all refuse to vote until:

a) Our system is changed in many ways. The two party system only serves to make it easier for corporations to control our lives. I’d love to see viable 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. parties on the ballot. And how about implementing run-offs.. there are a few communities that do the above and it seems to keep any one party from gaining ultimate control.

b) Veritable elections. By veritable I mean an absolute paper trail. You can electronically print the ballot, something like what happens with the AutoMark machines used for the disabled. But the ultimate count is the scanning system which scans the ballot, updates totals, and stores the ballot.

That’s it. Pretty simple stuff.

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