Muslims take offense once again

This time it’s all because of the Apple store in Manhattan. They say it looks too much like the Ka’ba (Cube). Supposedly Muslims first worshipped there, so fucking what?

Do they even realize they’re worshiping a god that was pulled out of the ass of Mohammed? He was high when he had the visions leading to his writing of the Koran. It’s pretty common knowledge in historical circles that the old boy was an opium addict. So he pulled the worst from Judaism and Christianity, and then searched around in the old Hershey Highway for something to add a little misogynistic twist.

Let’s face it, Bullshit + Bullshit + Excrement = shit. That’s precisely what all three monotheistic religions are, a constant flow of shit. The world would be a much better place without religion. But until that golden day comes I’ll just have to keep slugging it out with believers.

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