The Murder of Habeas Corpus

The concept of Habeas Corpus is central to the Constitution of the United States. Yet the Republican control of virtually all branches of government has done all it can to deny us this basic and inalienable right.

Keith Oblermann does a very good analysis of the death of Habeas Corpus. But in brief, why should you care? Because the suspension or abolishment of that concept means that you can be snatched off the street and imprisoned without any chance to challenge because of a contrary opinion, for instance exposing an illegal search by the means of tapping phones. That’s right – they’re trying to quash the ability of the lapdog media to expose their consitutional shennanigans.

The only avenue left us are the courts and lately the Republicans have been doing all they can to pack ideologues onto the courts. So whats left? I leave you to study the constitution, maybe read about the birth of our nation. Then you’ll have your answer for our forefather knew the dangers of a tyrranical government and codified relief in the Amendments to the Constitution. I’ll give you a hint, it’s somewhere between the 1st and 3rd Amendments.

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