Back to normal`

Ok, I’ve gone back to my normal color scheme for my blog.

Anyhow – whats new? Oh health stuff.

First, my ear infection is an inner ear problem. Of course the RNP didn’t listen to me and she and the doc suspect auto-immune but thing is, I’ve gotten ear infections since I was a kid, almost right after my tonsils and adenoids were taken out. So now they have me on a low sodium diet and on a diuretic for thirty days, then I go back to the audiologist for hearing and balance tests.

The hearing tests are interesting. First they sit you down and just pump tones into your ears. Then they put you in a sound isolate booth and run tonal and speech recognition tests. They also do bone conduction, etc. A big change from when I was a kid and they put those heavy ass headphones on you.

The results are that it isn’t a nerve problem (Could have told them that!) that my hearing is moderately impaired in my left ear (Could have told them that too!). The audiologist was a little surprised I knew about the logarithmic qualities of decibels until I explained to her my background in radio, having both my amateur extra and general radiotelephone licenses.

In other news a few days ago we noted that our female cat Emily was looking a little thin and acting funny. I suspected upper respiratory infection (URI) and Keyron took her to the vet. Sure enough, URI. She’s on .5cc of antibiotic every 12 hours for ten days. She’s acting normally again and even eating so I think she’ll be alright.

Interestingly I looked into pet health insurance. It’s a rip-off. I explained to Keyron that for the two senior cats we’d be shelling out $500 a year plus we’d be on the hook for the first $200 for each cat, so call it $900 a year. We’d be better off dropping $75 a month into an emergency fund so that’s precisely what we’ll do.

Emily is 14 years old, Randy is 17 going on 18. So they’ve both been around for awhile. And nine months ago I had the episode with Cosimo, $1,300 later and the end result was we had to euthanize him. In fact that one month period I spent $1,800 on vet visits for all the cats.

I’ve also reached the conclusion that the vet I go to has house and boat payments to make. I mean they’re quick to do sub-q fluids on a cat that doesn’t need it. And here is the best part, the vet was the one who originally spayed Emily and ever since that there’s always been a small lump on Emily’s belly. Well at the latest visit the vet re-discovered this lump, even though she’s examined her not 8 months ago and not even noticed it. So I’ve learned to take everything this vet says with a grain of salt. She doesn’t like when I take the cats in because she knows it’s going to be a basic visit without all the little extras like sub-q, blood panels, etc. Once a year or so is fine for blood panels, every six months isn’t fine.

So we’ll both live, this whole thing just re-confirms my general distrust of physicians and vets.

This is interesting, I think this is my first ever me, me, me post.

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