Month: October 2006

Truth In Advertising

Spoof of the world of marketing – From Cannes Film Festival 2001 – Directed by Tim Hamilton

Having been involved in all sorts of meetings where outside folks were brought in I have to say that this is so on target it isn’t funny.

One type of meeting I particularly loathe is office relocation meetings. Two examples, one when I worked for a big six accounting firm, the other working for a government agency.

The accounting firm was most like the video. I recall it took a good six months and at least three dozen meetings to decide on the color of the seating in the conference room. Then of course we had the external contractor for the networking and telecom blow smoke up our asses for at least a dozen meetings. It was just one big cluster fuck but amazingly the move went off without a hitch.

Contrast that to the government move. That went surprisingly well, was efficient and even went off without a hitch. Total time from go to move was six months. Everybody did their part. So next time you bitch about government employees keep that in mind.

Uh oh

Well, day one of oral surgery was ok. But then I hadn’t taken the Decadron yet. Decadron is a steroidal anti-inflammatory. But it has a very interesting effect – it opens my drainage passages in my ear so that it disturbs my vestibular function. Thing is I’ve been taking the stuff for three days and finally made the connection last night. Took one of the Decadron this morning and sure enough, vertigo returns with a vengeance.

Looks like I didn’t make it through as cleanly as I thought I would. Oh well. I still have my little happy pills for when it gets really ugly. I’ve been using those sparingly.