Microsoft Internet Explorer 7

I finally installed it on my desktop today. Lets start by giving Microsoft 100 points and deduct as I see fit.

1) The install process takes forever as it goes out and looks for updates, as well as installing software that isn’t necessary. Minus 10 points

2) Upon finally installing it tried to hit and crashed. Minus 30 points

3) It is very SLOW. Minus 10 points

4) It craps on yahoomail’s new beta interface. Minus 20 points

So Microsoft gets a 30/100.

Now Firefox 2.0:

1) Install process was smooth and quick. No point deduction.

2) Fast page loads. No point deduction.

3) Have yet to have it crash. No point deduction.

4) Works well with yahoomail’s beta. No point deduction.

5) On annoyance – it does an update check when it launches. If you’re behind a proxy that requires authentication, this update process craps out. But if you update add-ons (formerly extensions) once the browser opens, everything works fine. Minus 20 points for this one.

So Firefox 2.0 is the winner with 80 points, MS IE 7 the loser with 30 points. So do yourself a favor if you haven’t already, go download Firefox.

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