A message for my fellow Americans (U.S. Citizens that is!)

First I’d like to thank you for voting in a Democratic majority in congress. Maybe now Justice Stevens can step down in peace, knowing that his seat on the United States Supreme Court won’t go to some right wing ideologue. When Justice O’Connor stepped down and probably watched in horror as Alito was appointed.

Now I’d like to say fuck you to all of you. Why? Because you could have fixed this in 2000 by not letting a sack of shit like George W. Bush get elected in the first place. I know, I know, we didn’t elect him. But we let a judicial fiat put him in place, we let his best buds screw us over (Kenny Boy Lay, The president of Diebold, etc.) and never said a peep.

But now it looks as though we’ve woken up. It’s about time.

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