There is no God, Part II

Once again, someone else has done the heavy lifting and posted on the conundrum between the flat earthers belief that Earth is only 6,000 years old, and those of us who know this to be utter and complete bullshit.

When I first saw the Hubble UDF I was totally in awe. Just a small segment of sky reveals galaxy after galaxy. Edwin Hubble would have been proud of his namesake. And it was Mr. Hubble that gave us the explanation of how to gauge the speed and direction of universal expansion by explaining red shift.

As we all know, light is both particle and wave. And as the wavelengths of light spread out, they shift into the red zone. Blue light has a shorter wavelength, thus explaining why HD-DVD and Blu-Ray have such higher capacities compared to standard CD and DVD which use infrared lasers with longer wavelengths.

Anyhow the light of stars as they’re traveling away from us shifts into the red. Hubble realized it after many hours of study.

Men like Hubble are the giants. Then of course there’s Arno and Penzias from Bell Labs who figured out what cosmic background radiation was. It’s the leftovers from the big bang.

As we learn about our physical world, we become less reliant on a boogeyman to explain things for us. Instead we learn for ourselves.

One thought on “There is no God, Part II

  1. You have to be a moron not to believe the science involved. Religion sucks big time. My poor nephews are going to a Christian school, and they actually teach that dinos and people lived together on earth at the same time.

    I feel so sorry for my nephews learning this crap. When they are old enough, we are heading out for a beer to teach them some truth.


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