Yet another case of to hell with the natives

This is appalling. First of all the medical profession was clueless, something I’m well versed with owing to my inner ear infection. That not one doctor tumbled to the fact that it was in essence heavy metal and radiation poisoning is beyond me, but than that is why I didn’t pursue medicine. It’s almost better to get a Magic 8 Ball and ask it what the problem happens to be. But that the government knew about it and said absolutely nothing is shameful.

I haven’t been a supporter of the Narragansett tribes goal of a casino simply because I know that it isn’t in the best interests of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Not to mention the fact that for better or worse, the leadership of the tribe was asleep at the switch when the elder Senator John Hubbard Chafee put the screws to the tribe through federal legislation that in essence stripped the Naragansetts of their sovereignty.

But they didn’t end up with such a bad deal, the federal government and state both chip millions into the tribe, it’s just that the management of Sachem Thomas is shall we say, somewhat larcenous.

I do draw the line though at knowing something is harming the tribe and not saying something about it, as I’ve amply demonstrated above.

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