A Thanksgiving Discovery

The Thanksgiving feast was very good, and my garlic mashed potatoes rock!

Anyhow I made an interesting discovery. We had a little fruit fly problem and nothing we did could get rid of them. It got to the point where I wouldn’t even bring fruit into the house but even still, the little drosophila melanogaster managed to survive.

I even remember high school biology class some 28 years ago. We had a small colony of the little bastards along with food in a sealed plastic tube. At the beginning of the year we gassed them, counted red and white eyes, then back into the tube.

Then some months later we did the same, noting eye color (red, white, pink). It was a genetics experiment to show how eye color is transmitted.

In any case, here’s what I discovered. Want to get rid of a fruity fly infestation? Set out a glass of pinot grigio. At the feast we had glasses of wine and one glass was still about half full. I found a bunch of fruity fly corpses in the wine. Apparently they’re drawn to the scent but they can’t handle their alcohol. Needless to say, our little colony has now been decimated.

Who knew about the OTHER benefits of vino?

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