My New Reading List

So being that it’s my birthday I treated myself to a few new books.

First is Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion”. I’ve seen The Root of All Evil as well as interviews with Dawkins so thought it might be an interesting read. I’ll let you know.

Then I got Sam Harris’ “The End of Faith”, if only because I saw Harris interviewed in The God Who Wasn’t There.

Good video, and only an hour. The movie producer/author interviews his former school principal and it gets really interesting. I’d love to do the same except in my case, lots of the teachers and administrators from my time in high school are either dead or no longer at the school.

Picked up Jimmy Carter’s “Our Endangered Values” and then something totally out in left field for me. Left field if you don’t know that I’m very interested in the Depression era and this book “The Worst Hard Time” looks like it’ll be interesting.

In all, about 1,300 pages of reading, the distinct feature of which is that most have works cited or bibliography pages, as well as full text indexes. I guess thats a sign that one is growing up but I still love my fiction too. It’s just that I’m a little jaded when it comes to fiction these days.

I figure those four books will keep me busy reading for the next few days. And then I’ll suffer the withdrawal symptoms.

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