Iraq:The hidden story

The story of what does not get reported in Iraq by the mainstream media.

Although most of us who can think beyond what is for dinner know almost precisely what is going on in Iraq. It is the classic definition of a quagmire, and the premise made by the film is correct. That premise is that if the sheeple knew what was really going on in the red zone, we’d be that less likely to keep our troops there.

The neo-cons have really done it this time. They’ve essentially spawned terrorists for the next generation. Nice of them.

One thought on “Iraq:The hidden story

  1. Typical American media whitewashing of the bloodshed. We don’t want to see the bodies, broken and torn by the violence, we just want to live in a surreal world where body counts suffice.

    Thank you for putting that report up. We all need to see the horror that is Iraq.

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