Month: November 2006

I completely adore Parody Videos

This one is no exception, wrongly titled “What Every Girl Should Know” its true title should be “The Dangers of Oral Sex”.

Notice how the girls friend has the eye patch on the left eye in the ending scene, but in the scene where the girl is telling about her experience with oral sex, the patch is on the right?

I think its the originality of the videos. It’s reality TV of a sort, but with a plot. And if the plot should have some comedic value, well, it’s quality entertainment in my book.

Here’s one you’d NEVER see on U.S. Broadcast Television

Found this little gem on YouTube. It appears it airs in the UK, but you’d never see anything like it aired here in the United States. After all, we’re supposedly a nation founded on Christian principles, except if you hadn’t realized that our founding fathers were secular humanists. Another way of putting it is that they were atheists.

Anyhow – once you get past the brogue, you’ll realize that whoever posted this on YouTube was nice enough to keep the story line together by fast forwarding to the relevant parts. And since it doesn’t originate in the U.S. and since it doesn’t appear to be violating copyright per se, it might stay up on YouTube for a bit. I know that ever since Google purchased YouTube they’ve been absolute bastards about purging every little bit of content that might be a copyright violation.

The race is over

With 95% of precincts reporting, it appears that Donald Carcieri (R)has gotten himself a second term as Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

What is more bizarre is the electorate of Rhode Island. Elisabeth Roberts (D) has gotten Lt. Governor. We’ll put a Democrat in as Lt. Gov but we won’t put one as governor.

And considering the margin is circa 8,000 votes it makes me that much sadder. Staff and volunteers on the Charlie Fogarty (D) for Governor campaign put their heart and soul into this one. But it wasn’t enough to tip the balance. If we could have just flipped 8,000 votes in Providence alone he would have nailed it. I really thought that disgruntled state employees might make the difference this time out. Apparently I was wrong.

People in RI still think the Governor has the power to stop the legislature. The sad reality is that the legislature is way over Democratic majority. A veto is meaningless. So in essence we’re guaranteed four more years of ineptitude on the part of Carcieri’s staff.

On the good news side, A. Ralph Mollis (D) has gotten the nod for Secretary of State. Thankfully Sue Stenhouse (R)lost. I’ve met both Mollis and Stenhouse. Mollis appears to be a very genuine guy which I like, Stenhouse appears to be a Space Cadet of the 9th Order.

Best of all, a former boss of mine got the U.S. Senate seat. That would be none other than Sheldon Whitehouse (D) unseating Lincoln Chaffee (R). So all in all it isn’t all doom and gloom here in Rhode Island.

Nationally it looks good for the Democrats in the House of Representatives. We Democrats needed 15 seats in congress and it looks like at the current moment we’ve gained 18 seats. Hello Speaker Pelosi! In the U.S. Senate, we’ve picked up 3 seats. Not enough for a majority, but enough to send a message since many senate seats will be up in the next election cycle.

And that absolutely ridiculous amendment to the RI Constitution to allow an Narragansett Indian/Harrahs casino was defeated with nearly 2/3’s of people rejecting it. My faith in my fellow Rhode Islanders is restored.

But the worst part is I really hoped that Charlie Fogarty would win. I’m so tired of the asinine things done by the Carcieri administration. But in four more years I hope Charlie runs again. I’ll definitely sign onto the campaign.

Wow – even in my funk, the FCC still amuses me

Apparently the FCC is taking a somewhat somewhat softer view of foul language over broadcast airwaves.

What annoys me more is that even on non-broadcast channels, ie. those carried by cable, they still follow those rules. Except in those cases, it’s not the FCC they fear, but those who advertise on their channels, though I’d kind of think Spike might like to throw a “fuck” or two in there, just for the gratuitous hell of it.

Warning – the following may offend certain nincompoops. You’re warned to stop fucking reading now.

But the FCC has pretty much acknowledged the fucking brilliant use of the word ‘fuck’ as a multi-purpose word, therefore not fitting the definition of violation, wherein if I were to say, “Yeah, he fucked the shit out of her” it would be patently offensive. But were I to utter “Fuck you you fucking fuck” I might not offend.

Too fucking funny.

I do wish the FCC would stick purely to bandwidth and not content management.

Goodbye Emily you sweet little girl, my favorite mouser

Emily came into our lives nearly 14 years ago as a scared six week old kitten. She was Keyron’s first kitten and was a fairly high strung little cat, but also one determined little cat.

What we hadn’t realized about giving her those little catnip stuffed mice was that we’d be creating probably the best mouser we’ve ever had. The only thing was, she never realized the proper thing to do with the carcass, or maybe she did. You see, she’d gut them and then stuff the corpses under cushions, etc. You may or may not note a weird smell in the interim. But then months later she’d trot out these little dessicated treasures.

During her first year or so she was a curtain climber. Bold little cat. She’s the cat that will hop in the garbage can to fish out bones. Seriously. She was all refined and dainty at 6.5lbs but she was a street cat from the get go. I remember how she acted with Cosimo who was nearly four times her size, she was the Queen. You never screw with the Queen and she made that fact quite evident to the two male cats that were then in the house.

Then of course she was the type of cat that loved to be petted. She’d actually lean into you while you were petting her. We had fourteen years with her, and I guess that’s more than some, less than some. But we’ll miss her terribly.

And the vet, whom I’ve recommended to a whole bunch of people is now on my shit list. Ok, would someone tell me what it is about medical professionals? How they can lie to your face and then backpedal to their notes when the shit hits the fan? They knew Emily was going to die two weeks back. They knew. They only treat cats at this vets office. If they had simply told me two weeks ago that the best option was to euthanize, I would have done it then. Instead I had to see Emily suffer for these last two weeks, barely able to move or breathe.

This morning at 7AM I was awakened by Keyron, he thought Emily was dead. I came out, she had a heart rate of around 50BPM, which on a cat should be over 100BPM. In the half hour it took me to shower and get dressed, she had died.

Let me explain that it takes a lot for my ‘scary guy’ to come out. A lot. They punched my buttons enough today that I lost it. We then took our dead cat to the Providence Animal Rescue League where she’ll be cremated and place in an urn.

I simply told the staff at the vets office that as a courtesy they’d cremate and urn Emily gratis. Yes, I did get a bit loud, but that’s what happens when ‘scary guy’ comes out. That ended badly so we took her to the Providence Animal Rescue League who did a personal cremation with urn for a small amount of money.

Keyron always had a suspicion about this vet, who worked for Ferguson Animal Hospital back 12 years ago. She’s the one who had spayed Emily, and even then Keyron knew. I should have listened to him.

Oh well – back to the old ways I guess. Maybe an all cat practice isn’t the way to go.

Why we should vote referenda #5 in RI

Because $8.5 million of that is for commuter rail and bus services. Ok, I’ll accept that. The other $80 million is for roadway, highway, etc. which translates to approximately $160 million for those project when the matching federal funds are included.

But here’s what I need to make clear to RIPTA: Get rid of the CNG vehicles. Yes, they’re clean and all that, but they are not cheap to run. Use the $1.5 million to start converting the trolleys to diesel, since the rehabilitated 92xx series vehicles will last at least another five years.

And stop tinkering with schedules on the Providence Link service. First it went from 50 cents a ride with timing roughly every ten minutes, then $1.00 a ride with every twelve to fifteen minutes. Now it’s every 20 minutes but in reality, 30 minutes. Yes you read that right, 30 minutes. The service is pretty much useless. Of course this is RIPTA’s little passive-aggressive way of getting rid of the Providence Link services.

For example – by going to a 20 minute schedule it means you only need 3 trolleys on a line instead of 4. Ok, fine. But you’re still paying drivers to sit for twenty minutes, with the damned machines running and consuming CNG. What are you really saving, other than the one eliminated trip?

If we should be disarming anyone

It should probably be the cops. Watch the video below and tell me that there isn’t mass incompetence in police departments. Please tell me, because now not only is an unarmed suspect dead, a police dog is dead too. Yes, they shot their own dog. There were eighty one rounds fired.

What irks me most is once the smoke cleared you clearly hear one of the cops say “Cover me, don’t shoot…” and he moves in to get the dog. The kid is left there as two other cops approach. I almost hate to say it, but had that been a white boy, he’d be alive.

Oh No, Not Again

In prior posts I’ve written about how Emily, our little black cat is having some problems.

Things are getting progressively worse, though the vet says to give the prednisone a few days. But I’ve already talked to Keyron and both of us agree that the process of getting the medication into the cat is far too traumatic for her. Emily has always been a little high strung and it kills me to have to squirt the antibiotic in her mouth, or pop a pill into her mouth.

If we don’t see an improvement by mid week it appears we’ll have to euthanize yet another cat, just shy of eight months of having euthanize our big guy Cosimo.

Even though Emily is high strung, she can be a very sweet little cat when she wants to be. That makes it that much harder.

Write a letter to the editor, get a call from a fruitcake

This is the letter:

After watching the last Rhode Island gubernatorial debate, I came to the conclusion that our governor is a fact-twister. He was clearly uncomfortable in the debate.

More interestingly, when Charlie Fogarty arrived for the debate he was surrounded by his supporters and gave a speech for us. When the governor arrived he pulled right to the doors and entered the building.

I would much prefer a governor who is a true reformer and one who is accessible to the citizens of the state. Don Carcieri is neither of those, though he’d like us to believe he is.

And this evening at 19:28 hours I got a call from one lady who had issues with my stance that Charlie Fogarty is a better candidate, even going off on a tangent and saying that Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Sheldon Whitehouse should be hung. Nice language for an old lady.

You can call me and be civil, but the moment you call for the hanging of a man I once worked for, all bets are off and you’ve just opened yourself up to a lifetime of crap. I’ve already forwarded her info to the appropriate parties.