Month: December 2006

Whitney Houston attains divahood!

Wow – she can still sing. It’s a little different from when I first heard her in 1985. At the radio station I was doing my gig at, we wore a hole through her first album. That’s how much You Give Good Love was requested in 1986.

And here she is, 20 years and a lot of drugs later:

TMI Tuesday

Uncle Polt turned me on to TMI Tuesdays so here is my first stab at it.

1. What is your all-time favorite gift (whether given or received by you)? Had to be my very first computer, a TRS-80 Model 1 Level 1 that over its life got expanded to Level II 16K, then the Expansion Interface (EI) which boosted memory to 48K, disk drives that stored a whopping 80K, voice synthesizer and voice recognition module.

2. Where was the first place you ever passionately kissed? On the Providence College campus. Right near Joseph Hall as a matter of fact. The campus was close to my house and and midway between my first love and I.

3. Where was the first place you ever had sex? My parents place, see below.

4. Have you ever had sex in your parent’s home? Yes as a matter of fact. The finished basement was my lair and it saw some good times.

5. Have you ever met anyone in person that you met via your blog? No
Have you ever kissed anyone you met via your blog? No
Have you ever done more? No

I thought MD’s were supposed to be Objective

Apparently I was wrong in thinking that a person who goes through the rigorous training that the average MD gets would have no choice but to face fact that God is a fiction. Pharmacists fall into this category too.

But this just disturbs the hell out of me. A doctor unwilling to help because a client is gay? This doctor should have her license revoked, let her fall back on her church to support her because she has no business practicing ‘medicine’.

Of course in my case not only would I report the doc to licensing authorities, I’d also report to local law enforcement. Why? Because most docs accept medicare/medicaid. And I can tell you from my time at the state AG’s office that a good chunk of docs abuse the mc/md business, using tricks like upcoding, packing in visits, etc.

The woman needs to be both prosecuted and persecuted.

Wow, blast from the past

Full Force with Samantha Fox… I gotta say, the 80’s may have been tacky for fashion, but they were fucking fantastic for music.

Full Force actually worked with and did the music for much of Lisa Lisa’s tracks, UTFO, and even Samantha Fox. Then of course they appeared in the House Party movies and how can I forget Krush Groove.

And here they are singing Temporary Love Thing

Then of course there’s the spawn groups like Force MDs

Oh hell, I still listen to neo-soul too:

Jamie Foxx surprised me on Kanye West’s “Gold digger”


Then there’s John Legend (This one is a little loungey sounding, but I like it:

And continuing with neo-soul we have Eric Roberson.

Jill Scott:

And finally D’Angelo:

A nugget of interaction wisdom

Except this nugget came from a 1972 McDonalds training film. I posted elsewhere that it is so true, if I go to a place where customer service is sub par, I only go there once if I can help it.

And in the office, which vendors do you think get our business? They’re the ones that are friendly, helpful, and most of all willing to work with me. Yes its a little corny and all, but I’ve found in life that when you’ve got an irate asshole yelling at you, there’s not better way to mitigate anger than to stay calm and friendly. It makes said person realize what an ass they’re being and 9 times out of 10, they’ll loosen up and even apologize.

Pretty impressive kill ratio

And it would belong to none other than the Judeo-Christian god himself.

His record is 2,270,365+ (Rough estimate)

And how many people did Lucifer kill? If you didn’t know, Lucifer is Latin for the light bearer. I find it awfully funny that a supposed omniscient and omnipotent deity couldn’t figure out that his light bearer might have some delusions of grandeur and look to usurp the power of said deity.


Something very lopsided about that comparison. So there we have it, someone has actually gone out and done the summation and found that the god worshiped by a billion+ people is a murderous son of a bitch.

Of course if you count Islam into the mix the body count goes up significantly. Just look at Iraq where in the name of Jesus Christ himself we’re waging an unjust war. There are estimates of 600,000 dead Iraqis so far. And 3,000 U.S. servicemen not to mention all the dead in our partnership of the willing.

I wonder though, should Richard Dawkins succeed in abolishing religion will we find something else to fight about? Resources are always a good source of bloodshed.

Merry Whatever

Interesting little post called the Christmas Hoax. So now we can know where words like Baal, Noel, Saturnalia, Yule, etc. came from. That’s right – it’s all sun god worship.

Even Yahweh was supposedly a sun god, born the 25th of Kislev on the Jewish calendar.

The monotheistic co-opting of pagan rite is what we today call Christmas though I do prefer the Saturnalia as it is much more descriptive of the day. For on this day the sun begins vanquishing the night and our daylight gets longer by a minute or two a day.