Pretty impressive kill ratio

And it would belong to none other than the Judeo-Christian god himself.

His record is 2,270,365+ (Rough estimate)

And how many people did Lucifer kill? If you didn’t know, Lucifer is Latin for the light bearer. I find it awfully funny that a supposed omniscient and omnipotent deity couldn’t figure out that his light bearer might have some delusions of grandeur and look to usurp the power of said deity.


Something very lopsided about that comparison. So there we have it, someone has actually gone out and done the summation and found that the god worshiped by a billion+ people is a murderous son of a bitch.

Of course if you count Islam into the mix the body count goes up significantly. Just look at Iraq where in the name of Jesus Christ himself we’re waging an unjust war. There are estimates of 600,000 dead Iraqis so far. And 3,000 U.S. servicemen not to mention all the dead in our partnership of the willing.

I wonder though, should Richard Dawkins succeed in abolishing religion will we find something else to fight about? Resources are always a good source of bloodshed.

One thought on “Pretty impressive kill ratio

  1. ~Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world~

    EXCEPT for the kids in Darfur and all the kids in Africa that have AIDS or no parents because of AIDS. Or the children in Iraq that die daily, or the kids in Lebanon. OR all the first born in Egypt, when the hypster MOSES was on a rampage.

    It just goes on and on.


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