I thought MD’s were supposed to be Objective

Apparently I was wrong in thinking that a person who goes through the rigorous training that the average MD gets would have no choice but to face fact that God is a fiction. Pharmacists fall into this category too.

But this just disturbs the hell out of me. A doctor unwilling to help because a client is gay? This doctor should have her license revoked, let her fall back on her church to support her because she has no business practicing ‘medicine’.

Of course in my case not only would I report the doc to licensing authorities, I’d also report to local law enforcement. Why? Because most docs accept medicare/medicaid. And I can tell you from my time at the state AG’s office that a good chunk of docs abuse the mc/md business, using tricks like upcoding, packing in visits, etc.

The woman needs to be both prosecuted and persecuted.

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